7 Vaastu Tips for a Successful Career !!!

7 Vaastu Tips for a Successful Career

7 Vaastu Tips for a Successful Career

profession one selects to be in, they desire to make the most of every circumstance
as a flourishing career is imperative to all. Our karma is associated with our
career path, i. e, it symbolizes the effects of our actions in the humankind

1.Follow a sitting etiquette at work

We should sit straight and not with your legs crossed. It is one of the most given advises by our grandmother’s and it holds a great etiquette for work place too. 

2.Type of office tables

As per the Vaastu, we should make use of round edged tables for office and business congregation.

3.Conference room meetings

To keep away from redundant commotion make sure to have your place is far from the main door in the meeting or in a conference.

4.Type of office chairs

To be able to work enhanced you should have a high-backed chair with a better armrest which provides you with a mental and physical support. It is accepted to not expose your back.

5.Over-head beams

In office, it is better to avoid over head beams.

6.Flowers to brighten your work space

You can keep fresh flowers with few buds in a vast to the east side of your work table as the buds signify new instigation. And also change these flowers as drooping flowers imply on descent.

7.Office lights

The lights should be placed on the southern corner of your table and also it should be well lit to keep the optimism flowing in and around the work place. 

8.Office gadgets

All the electronic gadgets like computers, telephones etc should be kept in the south-east corner of the office with the wire invisible.

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