Bhavishya Purana says to look for these 7 physical traits in your partner

  1. Signs of good luck in marriage:

Marriage is not just a bond between two. But with it comes numerous expectations between the two. It’s like tying a knot to themselves and their respective families. Their first and foremost wish of everyone is that this bond brings harmony and smiles. It is also believed that this holy union brings great happiness in the lives of all.

2. The importance of Kundli Matching:

In the Hindu marriages, astrology plays a very important role. Not all, but the maximum of the families believes in Kundli Matching.  By this, the ‘couples in question’ see if their ‘gunas’ do match or not. These astrological calculations are based on the couple’s respective name, date of birth, horoscopes and planetary motion.

3. Like-mindedness of the couple:

The entire expectations of family lead to one conclusion. And that is good luck & pretty future for the people and their families involved. For example, seeing if the couple is compatible based on their respective nature, hobbies, likes/dislikes, etc.

4. Along with the same mind, these physical traits are required:

Yes, Kundli matching and other hand astrological requirements are necessary. Several ancient texts give in their view that at times an individual’s physical feature speaks a lot. Added to it, their physical features speak volume of their as well as partner’s respective future.

5. Let’s dive into the depths!

Bhavishya Purana is an ancient scripture that holds about predicting one’s future based on certain factors. Like one’s physical features, moleosophy, etc. In one of its chapters, Bhavishya Purana explains that the below mentioned 7 physical traits. In a lady are a symbol of good luck and wealth in the life of her husband.

6. 1.) Teeth

A woman with well-aligned teeth. Without any crooks or breaks is believed to bring comfort and balance to the life of her partner. The one whose teeth have gaps may become the reason for constant fights.

2.) Feet

A woman’s feet are linked with her partner’s success. If she has pale colored feet then it is a symbol of hardship. Red or pink colored feet indicate an increase in wealth and position.

3.) Forehead lines

A woman when raises her eyebrows and her head shows three lines on the forehead. It is believed to be very lucky for her life partner. As the presence of three lines is a holy blessing of Lord Shiva.

4.) Skin

A woman with a smooth skin. Which is not pale and dehydrated lives in comfort and stable life. She is also supportive of her spouse. But, if the texture is cracked and filled with crisscross lines. She is the reason to bring hardship and bad luck for the spouse. She will have rude and calculative nature. And would involve in constant conflicts.

5.) Neck

Even though a slender neck is a symbol of beauty and grace, but a woman who has visible lines on her skin is considered carrier of good luck.

6.) Eyebrows

One of the least considered physical trait. But woman’s eyebrow holds a great role in the terms of the marital future. The sharp eyebrow indicates money and success in life.

7.) Voice

Women with a voice tone, neither too high nor too deep, is an indication of the well-balanced flow of harmony & happiness in life.

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