Daily Numerology Horoscope Reading for 05 July 2017

Today’s Free Daily Horoscope Prediction for 05 July 2017

If You are born on 01, 10, 19, & 28 of any month you are ruled by Number 1 & Planet SUN

You might be benefitted through foreign links and friends today. The day is good enough for event management, administrative tours abroad, music and dance groups, composers, lyricists, hotel, tourism and air travel industry. Avoid starting of investments and maintain a gap from gossipers too.

If You are born on 02, 11, 20, & 29 of any month you are ruled by Number 2 & Planet MOON.

The day is busy and you will be on heels. The day showers favor on psychiatrists, pediatricians, psychoanalysts, numerologists, accountants, bankers, event managers and dealers of mercury and cement. A fine day for moving abroad for event management, higher studies and export business programs.

If You are born on 03, 12, 21, & 30 of any month you are ruled by Number 3 Planet JUPITER.

The day is unpleasant for you, retain a balanced mind and avoid traveling. Do not put money into circulation or start investments. Try to focus on your daily targets and don’t start projects today.

If You are born on 04, 13, 22, & 31 of any month you are ruled by Number 4 & Planet URANUS.

The day gets you some favors from foreign lands. A favorable day for hotel, tourism and aviation industry, event managers, musicians, dancers, administrative trips abroad, deals of cement and mercury. You will manage some quality time with guests and kids.

If You are born on 05, 14, & 23 of any month you are ruled by Number 5 & Planet MERCURY

Attend to ‘what you feel’ today. Make full use of your calculative skills. The day favors exporters of cement, mercury, music, dance groups, event managers, accountants, air travel, hotel and tourism industry and home loan agencies.

If You are born on 06, 15, & 24 of any month you are ruled by Number 6 & Planet VENUS

The day is smooth sailing for your daily targets. Little joys of the day are all yours. Try to devote some time to your long pending social visits.

If You are born on 07, 16, & 25 of any month you are ruled by Number 7 & Planet NEPTUNE.

Personal achievements won’t be much noteworthy in your life. The day is normal enough, provided you avoid undertaking judicial and property related pursuits. Retain a cool mindset. Guard yourself against heat and fire.

If You are born on 08, 17, & 26 of any month you are ruled by Number 8 & Planet SATURN

The day is simple enough, provided you avoid ego and administrative conflicts. Keep a control on your ego and pay due regards to your elders & seniors. Try to follow the policy of cooperation and coordination.

If You are born on 09, 18, & 27 of any month you are ruled by Number 9 & Planet MARS

Avoid tension, anxieties, traveling and putting money in circulation. Some problems related to your kids or unexpected guests might disturb you today. Try to work with a determined mind on your daily assignments. Don’t plan new projects today.

यह भी पढ़े –जन्म तारीख से अपना भविष्य जानिये अंक ज्योतिष (Numerology) 05 जुलाई 2017

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