Holi – The colour festival

Holi The festival of colours and it is one of the most auspicious festivals of our Indian Culture, as well as Navaratri, Diwali and Eid.

People celebrating Holi-

Holi is a most widespread festival of colors of Hindus.It is known from the older traditions that when the last full moon day of lunar month Phalguna comes then it is celebrated.This festival of colours marks that the Hindi New Year is going to commence. This is the only festival which denotes, colors, happiness, and love. The whole country is indulged with the look of this Holi festive season. Holi also corresponds with the end of harvesting season and this is reason to cheer for farmers. It also denotes that the spring season is arriving.

Colors of Holi

 Every nook and corner of cities are filled with gulal, abir and pichkaris and everyone can find the shops of it too. Our home especially mother started food planning’s like gujia, papad, kanji and numerous other snacks like malpua, mathri, dahi bondas,and puran poli which are aided to the visitors. Holi milan is also a one program which takes place before and after Holi, it embraces with musical gatherings where the songs related to Holi are sung some classical one like “aaj biraj mein holi re rasiye” is standard for generations.

Holika Dahan

One day before Holi, is called as  “Holika Dahan” or “Choti Holi” celebrated. Generally, in Choti Holi kind of Bone fire is lit at the street corners. As in our old Hindu mythology, it is written and all we have heard too that in the memory of the phenomenal escape of Prahlad when Holika agreed with him into the fire. It is also amazing to know that in South India, this day celebrated as Kama Dahnam.

The next day after Holika Dahan is called and celebrated as Dhulendi or Dhulheti or Parva. One the main day of Holi, people get crazy, they throw color and colored water on one another. After fun complete thrilling day evening is spent in soberness where people meet their friends and relatives and interchange sweets and festive greetings and according to numerology these colors plays important role in any person horoscope also.

Legends associated with this festival

The most popular tale is of Prahlad. There was a harsh demon Hiranyakashyap. He desired to conquer the world and wanted to be adored by everyone. His son Prahlad a boy with full of respect and he was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashyap was not in the favor of this he did not like this, but Prahlad was adamant in his devotion. So one-day  Hiranyakashyap decided to kill Prahlad. He gets the snake to crush Prahlad but, Prahlad craved to lord Vishnu and was saved by him.After that another day Hiranyakashyap strained to throw him from a cliff but again Prahlad escaped through his unmoving faith on Lord. Lastly, Hiranyakashyap called his sister Holika to kill Prahlad. Holika has approved a benefit that fire would not destroy her at all. She definite to take Prahlad in lap and sit into a burning bonfire.

As the flame overcome they Prahlad chat loudly for Lord Vishnu’s for a help. The people seeing this incident made surprised them, the fire gradually consumed Holika and she was burned to death. Prahlad arose safe and sound. By his unmoving faith on his Lord.

Holika and Prahalad

Hiranyakashyap was killed by the  Narsingh avatar of Lord Vishnu, one of the Dashavatara. 

The myth of Kamadeva

There is an another tale of it from south India. People there worship Kamadeva as a God of Love and Desire. This legend of Kamadeva says that once he shot his powerful love arrow on Lord Shiv to revoke his attention in the knowing affair in the interest of the earth. Lord Shiv was furious as he was in deep meditation and opened his third eye, which diminishes Kamadeva into the ashes. Later on the call of Rati Kamdev’s wife, Shiv was delighted to restore him back.

The legend of Radha-Shri Krishna

 There is another tale of, Holi is and that is  Holi is a festival of Love and Joy so it also denotes that it is in the memory of the memorable love of Shri Krishna and Radha. Krishna, in his babyhood, would complain to his mother Yashoda about why Radha was so fair and he so dark (There is a prevalent song from the Hindi movie on this – Yashomati maiyaa se bole nandlala, sung by Lata Mangeshkar).  Then after his question, Yashoda directed him to apply color on Radha’s face and then see how her appearance would change. The famous prank of Shri Krishna’s  which is repeated now too , that  theIt was to throw colored powder on all the gopis. Mostly seen in pictthat theLord Krishna and his groups Radha are often carried through the streets. Holi is renowned with a brilliant display in the villages round Mathura, the birth-place of Shri Krishna.


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