Kuber the real owner of Pushpak Vimaan, Know how Ravana steal it

The most enigmatic epic story Ramayana in the Indian mythology and there are fascinating back stories which bear influences of the main story of Lord Rama fighting Ravana to release Sita. Today, we will convey you one such interesting story that discloses how Ravana became the king of Lanka, Lanka which is made of gold. The wondering fact is that how he come to own so much wealth Kuber? Let’s reveal out that.

Ravana is related to Lord Kuber who is related to humongous health,(Goddess Laxmi is the divinity of wealth, and the duty to allocate the wealth lies with Kuber).The father of Ravana, Vishwashrava had two wives- Varavarnini and Kaikasi. Kuber is called the god of wealth turned into born to the primary wife, at the same time as Ravana, Kumbhakarna, Shurpanakha and Vibhishana had been resident to Kaikasi

Vishwakarma made Pushpak for Kuber

Ravana and his brothers Kumbhakarana

In all these siblings, Ravana and his brothers Kumbhakarana completed amends and got phenomenal powers awarded from Lord Brahma.

Now, the beautiful city Lanka was constructed by Vishwakarma, the astronomic draftsman, and the demons took hold of it. When Lord Vishnu confronted them, they escaped the city, and  Lord Kuber became its king. But Ravana, by means of his powers, Kuber out of Lanka and engaged the golden kingdom.

Ravana and Kuber

Lord Kubera is represented as a dwarf with eight teeth and a distorted body.  He has  white skin  and he has three legs. Subsequently Kubera was so distorted, he can’t move anywhere around. Brahma took disappointment and ordered Vishwakarma, the draftsman of the gods, to shape him a chariot.

pushpak vimaana

Then, as order Vishwakarma professed and built Pushpak Viman that could move about on its own.The chariot was so big that it was not even cover the whole city. Kuber was additionally given a secure palace to live in on Mount Kailash, made by means of Vishwakarma Ravana become, the oldest of Kubera’s 1/2-brothers, who stole Pushpak from him, just like he stole Lanka from him, and later completed use of it to grab Sita

Samudra manthan

Lord Shiva later completes Kuber the protector of the North direction. Today, in Vastu, North is linked with wealth and affluence because of this association with Kuber.

The holy Samudra manthan is one of the most fascinating episodes of Hindu mythology. The event agreed with Lord Indra to find the realm of heaven and obtain the solution of life (amrit) that was underwater in the ocean. For this, the help of demons was vital, as they had seized the sea. Consequently, divinities and demons together whipped the ocean and definite to fragmented what comes out. The one of the gems that came out was Goddess Laxmi.

When she seemed, there was a huge disagreement among gods, saints and demons as to who would keep her. How did she become Lord Vishnu’s wife? Let’s see-

In the first time Laxmi saw some saints and rishis. They all mounted up and demanded her to come to them. However, Laxmi deprived of their request, saying even though the saints are nice, they have a big ego. The savants measured themselves above humans as they knew the concealed to reach the gods.

Samudra Manthan

At the second end the Gods then invited her to come to them. But Laxmi again denied, saying that they have become gods by feature and The  Goddess Laxmi only goes to those who are punctilious.

Laxmi & Narayan

 Then which this happening the goddess Laxmi saw a person who was not looking at her at all, when everyone else was in a stripe to win her. So, she went up to that man. That man was nobody else but Lord Vishnu who was lying down calmly.

Goddess Laxmi went to him and shivered his legs. He requested her, what is the matter? She articulated her wish to marry him. Everyone detected that the Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Success she is also the Goddess unmatched, who had shown herself to become Lord Vishnu’s wife.

Goddess Laxmi

Also, Laxmi distinguished that Vishnu would protect her from asuras or demons. Meanwhile then Laxmi and Narayan became one name. Lord Vishnu is the custodian of this Earth and hence hard-working and at the same time tremendously influential too!


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