Bring Good Luck with Fishes at your Home

                                               Fish for Good Luck

Fishes- These are the most important aquatic creatures for human lives. Fishes have such powers that  in the home by removing negative energy brings happiness prosperity. It also protects you from the crisis. That is why vaastu and Feng Shui have been advised to keep the aquarium or fish in your home.

According to Feng Shui, importance of the number of fish’s in the aquarium play important role. In Aquarium fish must be at least nine. Eight fish should be of, red or gold color & one should be black. Nine is the number of planets in astrology. That is why nine fishes in Feng Shui are asked to kept in the aquarium.When a fish dies, remove it from the aquarium and replace by new fish place. Keep in mind that the color of the fish is dead; bring new fish of the same color.

When a fish dies According to Feng Shui if in  your home takes away the upcoming disasters. So no need to be upset at the death of fish in the aquarium. According to Feng Shui keep aquarium in East, North or North-East Place. It should not be in the bedroom or kitchen. It causes a loss of property. To keep love in marriage, keep to the left of the main entrance.Aquarium keeping on the right side of the house its fickle mind of man and his fascination with  women increases. 

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