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Aries Horoscope  Mar 21 – Apr 20

You will desire absolute freedom in whatever you do. A lot of entertainment is on the cards for teenagers, like window shopping or going for a movie. Kids may demand a treat from you. Generally, family affairs dominate today. 

Taurus Horoscope – Apr 21 – May 21

Your vision will have a shade of green as you will draw to money like a fly to sweets. Taste the power of money with fortune as the monkey on your back. You may buy a pendant or a necklace today and your haggling skills will save you from being swindled. 

Gemini Horoscope – May 22 – June 21

You will make a reputation for yourself as a leader in your social circle. You yearn for something in your heart, and need to concentrate your energies upon attaining it. Your creative mind will come up with solutions today, to certain questions that have been confusing you for quite some.

Cancer Horoscope – June 22 – July 22

You will succeed in a new venture you undertake and will brim with radiance and energy. This is the best time for get-together and kindle contact with friends and relatives. 

Leo Horoscope – July 23 – Aug 23
Most of your time will be spent in the workplace. You will excel in all your tasks today. Professional relationships will be marked by co-operation. You will have cordial relations with your colleagues. It is an auspicious and progressive day for business. 

Virgo Horoscope – Aug 24 – Sept 22

You will shine exceedingly well in all the activities that you undertake today. Your dream of starting business operations on foreign shores will fructify. You may pay more attention to your personal appearance, which will boost your morale considerably. 

Libra Horoscope – Sept 23 – Oct 23 

Unleash the artist in you today! Don’t be surprised if you happen to discover a love for the fine arts. The stars bestow on you refined aesthetic sense. As a result, your penchant for interior decoration is sure to get a boost. There is also the possibility of you capitalising on the commercial aspect of your newly acquired hobby.

Scorpio Horoscope – Oct 24 – Nov 22

An upcoming project of a new joint venture will capsize your personal life and keep you on your toes today.. You may not find the results in proportion to the efforts that you put in, but be patient because everything will fall in place only in due time. If all things in life came at an easy cost, then they would be grossly undervalued.


Sagittarius Horoscope – Nov 23 – Dec 21


Be ready to receive advice especially, unasked and unwarranted. Don’t overlook it either, as these suggestions can be worthy of consideration. But let the last word rest in your hands and look deep inside for the right verdict. 

Capricorn Horoscope – Dec 22 – Jan 20
You will start the day with verve and vigour, and will appear a completely different person at work. There will be a discernible change in your way of working, especially in terms of the level of energy and concentration you will put in. The switch to the new strategy will better your performance considerably and will make you feel that it was a good change after all. By the end of the day, all that you would want is a nice break to unwind. 

Aquarius Horoscope -Jan 21 – Feb 18 

Cooperative and supportive, your colleagues will help you improve your performance at work. Also, your creativity will win you praises from one and all.. The day will have a perfect end as you will spend quality time with your friends and family. 

Pisces Horoscope -Feb 19 – Mar 20

Interactions with those of the opposite sex will mark your day. It is also a good day to strike up friendship with those of the opposite sex. For those in love, today is a good day to spend time with your partner. For those looking for love, now is the best time to pop the question to that special someone you’ve secretly admired for long..


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