Number 1 Don’t be extravagant today, just to please others. Plan and spend with a calculative mind. Beware of gossip mongers too. Avoid defamatory elements. Don’t take any financial risk today.

Number 2 The day is fine for entertainment and recreation, favors fashion and glamour world, artists and movie producers, dealers of brown colored objects. Guard against losses likely to occur due to heat, fire and heated discussions.

Number 3 The day is fine for a spiritual inclination of the mind. Profitable day for developers, property dealers and dealers of fuel and land-related yields. Maintain a dignified gap from gossipers today and avoid economic risk taking too.

Number 4 The day is fine for innovations and getting your products patented. Your plannings and policies will be welcomed and honored today, but be on guard against defamatory elements and maintain a gap from gossipers. Don’t invest in shares today.

Number 5 Retain a cool and composed mind today and don’t indulge in discussions. Don’t be hopeful for positive results in pending judicial cases and postpone property transactions too.

Number 6 You will enjoy sound financial and social status today. The day is fine for art critics, fashion and glamour world, artists and art gallery owners. You can deal profitably with leather accessories, coffee, cosmetics and ethnic wears, but don’t invest in property today.

Number 7 The day is outstanding for aesthetic pursuits and organizing art exhibitions and fashion shows, dealing in brown colored objects and cosmetics. Today you will feel inclined towards personal grooming. Don’t initiate any judicial cases today and avoid property transactions too.

Number 8 Personal efforts won’t fetch any noteworthy change in your status. The day is fine for the spiritual bend of mind, a study of philosophy, deal of land-related yields and fuel. Overall, the day is smooth running for you. But,you ought to keep a check on ego. Administrative and political rifts can be troublesome for you.

Number 9 Someone dear to you may part with you today for a brief period. Also, be compromising in relation to your spouse. Avoid initiating financial deals today. Well, plan your wallet to avoid extravagance. Today, you will badly miss a friend who is very close to your heart, but miles apart from you right now.

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