Draupadi shares to Satyabhama the theory of a happy married life

1 Pearls of intelligence

In the Mahabharata, Draupadi had shared some pearls of intelligence and happy married life secrets with Satyabhama. Satyabhama is the second and important wife of Lord Krishna. The below tips reveal the secrets behind a happy married life. And what should you in order to keep your husband happy. Have a look at this.

2 Let him be himself

Draupadi says that no woman should try to keep her man under her control. A wife should follow ‘let him be’, as it is important for him to remain himself. If she uses black magic and other unwise methods to control her husband. There is a chance that these things might cause their life into trouble and back fire as well.

3 Understand his family

A good woman knows everything about her husband’s family. And this helps in making beautiful and happy relations. Make it sure you know his family too.

4 Your company matters

According to Draupadi’s belief, a woman must stay away from other corrupt women. Who practice black magic, cheat on their partner and lie a lot. Being in the company of such women can destroy your marriage and create issues as well.

5 Be respectful

A woman should never disrespect anyone. May it is her husband or anyone and whether he/she is young or old. She should always maintain love in the family. As a good women shows care and love.

6 Remain active

A woman should act lazy while doing any household work or any job she is entitled with. A man loves a woman who can take care of him and is active in serving him and his family.

7 Stay under the roof

According to Draupadi, a woman should not spend too much time being visible to the public. By standing in the balcony, peeping out of the window and chatting with other women. Also standing on the doors and gossiping with neighbors are not the signs of a man worthy women. Doing so can degrade the character of the woman in society.

8 Quit anger

A woman should quit her angry nature and always stick to peaceful ways. As being easily angered can land her into troubles. She should avoid speaking unnecessarily to the strangers. She also asks Satyabhama that “Shri Krishna had more than 16,000 wives, do you know this?”

Shri Krishna and his famous wifes:

9 Rukmini

Rukmini is considered as the queen wife of Shri Krishna. She was believed to be as beautiful and pure as Andal(one of the beautiful female saint, worshipped in Tamil Nadu region). The most famous wife, Krishna kidnapped her and ran away with her. In order, to prevent a marriage as per her request and saved her from the devil Shishupala. Rukmini was said as a re-birth of goddess Lakshmi(Goddess of fortune). She wanted to live with her husband Lord Vishnu. And Lord Krishna is referred to as an avatar of Vishnu.

10 Family tradition

It is said that Rukmini was the daughter of Bhishmaka, who was the King of Vidarbha. Hearing about the epic of Lord Krishna, she slowly and gradually fell in love with his charm, character and greatness. Later, the two got married.

11 Satyabhama

Satyabhama, the second most important wife of Shri Krishna. She is considered to be an avatar of mother Earth herself. It is said that her father Satrajit owned a holy piece of jewel called Syamantaka. A day that jewel was lost somewhere. A saint called Jambava discovered it. Krishna was sleeping over the jewel and after fighting with him he got the jewel. But after knowing him he bowed to him.

12 Marrying Jambavati

When Jambava realised his fault of blaming God himself. He asked for the forgiveness from Krishna. Thereby, requesting him to marry his daughter named Jambavati.

13 Satyabhama’s wedding

In that span of time, Satrajit came to the picture. And he recognized Krishna as the avataar of Vishnu. Therefore, he asked him to marry his daughter. As a result, Krishna married Satyabhama.

14 Kalindi

Kalindi is the daughter of Surya (The Sun God). She is also considered as a deity of the river Yamuna.  It is said that she was longing for Lord Vishnu with a deep affection. And all her life she prayed to be with him. Hence, Lord Krishna married her.

15 Nagnajiti

Nagnajiti was the daughter of Nagnajita belonging to Kosala. Her father, King Nagnajit promised for giving his daughter’s hand in marriage to a worthy man Any man who could control his 7 bulls and puts a loop around their neck tying them to a rope successfully. Out of many people Krishna managed to do so!

16 Mitravinda

It is said that Mitravinda’s real brothers wanted her to perform marriage with Duryodhana. Balrama, Krishna’s brother was aware of her love and affection towards Krishna. So her asked Krishna to kidnap her and keep her with him.

17 Marrying with her

Initially Krishna was not sure of the love of Mitravinda. So he took his younger sister Subhadra along with him to check the wish of Mirtravinda. After Subhadra confirmed the true love for her brother. Then she asked him to kidnap her. Which he did and later he got married her.

18 Lakshmana

It is said that the King of Madra much cared for his daughter. And had arranged for a swayamvara. The name of her daughter was Lakshmana. He kept a task that an archer had to shoot the target. And the one who does this will be eligible to marry Lakshaman.

19 Defeating the opponents

It is said that amongst those present for the Swayamvara, Duryodhana and Jarasandha missed the target while shooting the arrow. Arjuna, the great archer missed the target intentionally. Hence Krishna was able to hit the target, and he married Lakshmana.

20 Rohini

Not much is known about Rohini. But she is sometimes referred to as Jambavati. The religious texts indicate this. She was Shri Krishna’s chief wife. Among the 16100 wives of Krishna Rohini was a priority to him.

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