Fulfill all your wishes on this Holi with these top-ten Remedies!

Celebrating Holi

All the people look forward to playing and celebrate Holi with enthusiasm. The night before the main day starts with the Holika Dahan, and the next morning powdered colours and water are used to play throughout the day. Then attacking yummy gujias and other numerous delicacies of this festival! However, how much do or enjoy we really know about this festival? Test your knowledge & add a little more to it. Read this article by heart!

Holi Folktales

We have all grown up listening to many folktales being an Indian. Especially, we all heard of Prahlad and Holika, Dhundi and Radha-Krishna. Well, do you know why Holi is such an auspicious day? We will tell you & observing certain remedies on this day can help us eradicate many problems and obstacles from our lives.


To achieve Your Heart’s Desire on Holi

 The festival of Holi is celebrated on the full moon day in the Phalgun. It is a very important festival to mark the beginning of spring. This festival means a tribute to welcome new crops in the country of India. Here we provide you with some mantras and remedies. That will help you to overcome obstacles and fulfil your heart’s desire on this Holi 2018:

For growth in Business and Career

Firstly, count the number of years for those you have been in your field or in the business venture you undertook. Then take just the same number of Gomati Chakras. You got to offer them to the burning Holika or the Holi fire. Do this job with a clean heart, purity and sincerity. It will bring you unbeatable success and growth.

Overcome the Influence of Evil Eyes and Obstacles

If you are being disturbed or are under the influence of the evil eye. And all this is causing delays and obstacles in your life as well as career, business or finance etc. Go towards the Hanuman temple on Holi. Go there & offer Dhoop, incense sticks, light diyas, and also a nazabattu. Once you light the incense stick and diyas, chant the below-given mantra 108 times:

‘Om Hanumante Namah’

After completing the chant, express your deepest wish. After making the wish, place the nazarbattu at Lord’s feet. Then you have to tie the nazarbattu with a plain black coloured thread. Offer jaggery to Lord Hanuman and consume it as Prasad. You can also hang the nazarbattu at your home, workspace or simply wear it.

Fulfillment of Heart’s Desires

If you wish & want your heart’s desires to come true, then you should chant this mantra regularly. At the beginning of the day of Holi, it should be done every day about 108 times in front of the Nav Durga Yantra:

‘Om Har Har Tripurhar Bahvani Bala,

Raja Mohim Serve Shatru Vindhya Vaasini Mam,

Chintita Phlam Dehi Dehi Bhuvneshwari Swaaha’

Get Rid Of Cold and Cough

Generally, people don’t pay attention to minor illnesses like cold and cough but prolonged problems can invite many more critical issues. Thereby, they make your body weaker. Therefore, on the eve of Holi, after bathing, take a piece of silver, five (5) Gomati Chakras, some grains of rice and any old coin. Tie all of these things in a red cloth, now rotate them seven times around your head and allow them to go in the flowing water.

Become More Attractive and Influential

Everyone attracts as well as enjoys the attention. Therefore, you need to become more attractive and influential.

As a remedy, you need to chant eleven (11) malas of this special mantra on the Holi night. Before doing this, one must chant it once every day to see better results. Also, this mantra is helpful in hypnotism.

‘Om Nmah Kamaye Swajan Priyaye

Sarvjan Sammohaye Jwal awal Prajwal

Prajwalye Sarva Janasye Hriday Mam Vansh

Kuru Kuru Swaaha’

Resolve Marital Issues

Problems arise in life easily & especially in the marriages. There can be a variety of reasons like the financial disturbances, domestic issues, career-related, and emotional differences. The problems come with solutions also & to cure one’s marriage of these hassles. One needs to tie-

  • Seven Gomati Chakras
  • Seven Laghu Coconuts
  • Seven Pearl colored conchs; in a red cloth and rotate it 7 times around the head of your better half. Once it is done, offer all this to the Holi fire.
  • After this, walk back to your home without looking back and on reaching home, thoroughly you’re your hands & feet.
  • Surely, by the will of God, your life will become smoother!

To Overcome Failures

You need to use a triangle shaped cloth white in color and craft a flag out of it. On the main Holi day hoist this flag on the peepal tree near you or in your locality.

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