Garuda Purana –Your guide to travel time!

  1. Travel for a healthy living:

Travelling, a word that leaves you just speechless. And later, it turns you into a storyteller. So true, isn’t it? Travelling is a key to life that opens you to experiences, emotions, enjoyment and much more. Experts opinions say that there is nothing more important than traveling. As it open ups one’s mind and make it more functional. It makes one friendly, kind and fearless. It is just like giving water to a germinating seed.

  1. Travelling on the right time matters:

To those who make the time and opportunity to travel. As they are wanderlust people. There is no storm that can stop them. However, time plays an important role. Hinduism believes that there is a right time for everything. And this includes the right time to travel as well. Earlier, the believers consulted and analyzed the Panchang. To pick the right time for them to travel. Or to celebrate an occasion and even to switch jobs.

  1. Travel plans are best mentioned here:

Garuda Purana says various things about timings. Including the shubh mahurats in the Panchang. But the best time to plan travel is actually given in the Garuda Purana.

  1. Why is Garuda Purana considered so much?

Garuda Purana is a scripture derived from the Vishnu Purana. It is a holy conversation between Lord Vishnu and Garuda. Lord Garuda is the divine king of the bird species. According to beliefs, Jaya was narrated to Ganesha. And, then Garuda Purana was narrated to Rishi Kashyapa. Later, sage Kashyapa passed it done to others.

  1. What does Garuda Purana say about life?

In all Garuda Purana contains about 18000 verses. It is also referred to as the Saattvika Purana. As the dialogue between Lord Vishnu and Garuda, analyses and discusses the meaning of human life. Also discussions over afterlife, death, life in hell, Paap (sin), Yama – the lord of the death, Chitragupta, Yama dev’s assistant and the description of the City of Yama. Is mentioned in detail.

  1. Continued discussions:

The Garuda Purana also throws light over various punishments given to sinners. Different types of funeral rites that were performed for the ancestors. It also tells that what happens when these rites are not done properly.

  1. It also talks about that how the Garuda came into being. And the further reproduction and development of the Garuda. It sheds light on the different types of methods used for worship of God, reasons for sins, divinity to Lord and holy mantras.
  2. The right mahuratas and yogas:

Lord Vishnu, in the form of a dialogue, opens up to Garuda the best Mahuratas. And also about the good days, bad days, lunar days and weekdays based on Vedic astrology. That what should be and what shouldn’t be used while traveling. If one sticks to these rules given by Vishnu himself. Then people would come across better prospects in life.


  1. Vishnu’s dialogue with Shiva:

It is in this Garuda Purana that Lord Vishnu tells Lord Shiva. About the Yogas and Mahuratas that are considered best for travel.

  1. What Lord Vishnu said?

Lord Vishnu said “It is necessary to follow these mahuratas and yogas. As various yoginis and goddesses reside in different directions of the earth. On specific lunar days. Therefore, one should never travel on such days. Especially, long journeys should not be undertaken.

  1. Avoid traveling to east direction:

A goddess named as Brahmani. Has a dwelling place in the East on Pratipada. That is first and Navami, or ninth lunar days. This thing is certainly true for both, fortnights of each month. Hence, one should not travel east on both of these days.

  1. Do not travel to north:

Goddess Maheshwari is present in the north. On the second and 9th day of both fortnights. Of each of the month. So, avoid traveling towards north on these days.

  1. South travel is just sealed:

Goddess Varahi lives in the south. On the 5th and 13th days of both fortnights. Therefore, south travel should be avoided on these days.

  1. Avoid West during this time:

Goddess Indrani empowers the west on 6th and 14th days of both fortnights in each of the months. Hence, the west direction should be avoided on the respective lunar dates.

  1. Best Nakshatras to travel:

Vishnu also gave the names of some Nakshatras. Ones which are suitable for going on journeys? Lord Vishnu said about “Constellations formed in the sky like Aswini, Anuradha, Revati, Mrigasira, Moola, Punarvasu, Pushyami, Hasta and Jyeshta”. These are very favorable for undertaking journeys.

  1. Lunar dates to be avoided strictly:

Lord Vishnu spoke about some special combinations of days including the lunar days. He considered some of them to be unsuitable for traveling. And said “One should never travel on the following days: Dwadasi which falls on Sunday. Ekadasi which falls on Monday. Navami which falls on Wednesday. Ashtami which falls on Thursday. Or Saptami which falls on Friday and Shashti falling on Saturday are the major dates to be avoided.

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