May 11

Date                          11-May

Ruling planet           The Moon

Ruled by no             2

Traits in you

The influence of your ruling planet Moon has a great impact. It makes you simple, dynamic, attractive, creative, reliable and focused. You need to control your mood swings and stubbornness to become a better person.

Health this year

You will enjoy a good health this year though you may go through minor health issues. Do practice yoga and meditation for a better result. Your parents might fall sick and this will make you tensed. Take care of your spouse’s health. Have a balanced diet and medicines to remain healthy.

Finance this year

Your past investments will yield a lot of money this year. You need to be extra careful while investing huge amounts. It is a bit risky to put money on unpredictable things. Overall, you will enjoy a strong financial condition through the year.

Career this year

You will enjoy a great professional career and will be involved in arts or creative field. This day will be very nice for you. You will reach new heights in career and you will gain recognition. Seek help from an experienced person to succeed in your career.

Romance this year

You will spend a peaceful time with your partner. If you are unmarried, you will get into a matrimonial relationship towards the end of the year.

Lucky months  

October, December, February, and April

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