May 14

Date                         14-May

Ruling planet         Mercury

Ruled by no            5

Traits in you            

The influence of your ruling planet Mercury will make you dynamic, smart, confident, workaholic, knowledgeable, and independent. You are very social and so are loved by your friends. You are capable of making friends really fast. You should not become an introvert and work on your mood swings.

Health this year      

You need to stop your bad habits like smoking & alcohol to remain healthy. You should take expert advice from a doctor to cut-down your health issues. You should take your medicines on time to avoid further complications in your health. Take care of the health of your parents and parents as well.

Finance this year    

Your new businesses and partnerships will help you earn remarkable financial stability this year. You will receive the pending payments and money you gave away as loans to people in the past. You should go for investing in real estates and share market.

Career this year      

You will find your profession hectic due to overtime and increased project requirements. Your confidence and determination will be at peak allowing you to perform better than ever this year. You might not like the behavior of your seniors. Deal diplomatically with the unpleasant situations arising at your workspace.

Romance this year 

Your spouse will be supportive in crucial times. You can rely on your partner for support may be financial or emotional. You should get married as this year is the best time for you.

Lucky months          

June, December, January, February, and May



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