May 16

Date                         16-May

Ruling planet         Neptune

Ruled by no            7

Traits in you      

As your governing planet is Neptune, you are simple, dignified, unique, charismatic, reliable, trustworthy and confident. You have a great leadership skill and you are very creative. You should not be negative or show your stubbornness.

Health this year     

As far as your health is considered you may go through minor health issues. However, regular medical checkups and proper medication will solve your problem. You may go for Yoga and meditation classes to remain healthy.

Finance this year    

Your financial conditions will be stagnant this year. As you will not earn much or spend, you will lead a peaceful life in the money matters. You might invest for future. Do not lend or borrow money from your friends.

Career this year      

Enhanced confidence and brushed up skills; will make you very successful professionally. You will do justice to the role assigned to you. You may get promotion or hype in salary. If you are in a creative field, this year will bring you much more success and recognition.

Romance this year  

Your married life would be a peaceful one this year. Your partner will be supportive of every tough situation. You should get married this year if not yet married.

Lucky months          

July, August, November, and May



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