May 18

Date                         18-May

Ruling planet           Mars

Ruled by no            9

Traits in you           

 Being governed by the planet Mars, you are adventurous, sensitive, courageous, emotional, hard-working, charismatic and punctual. You are full of enthusiasm and ambitions. You should try and avoid your shyness and stubbornness.

Health this year      

Your health may remain disturbed throughout the year because of some minor ailments. If you do not take proper care of your health you may end up spending a lot of money for your treatment. You should take preventive actions to avoid health issues.

Finance this year    

As far as finance is concerned, you will be earning a lot of money. You will be assigned to new projects and those will be high yielding for you. You will gain enough profits from your past investments. Your improved financial status may bring you lot of happiness and joy later this year.

Career this year     

 If you are a working professional, you may face various profession related problems this year. You need to handle all the issues diplomatically else you may lose your job. You may create wonder in the creativity field if you are a writer, singer or actor.

Romance this year 

This is a quite good year for women when romance is concerned. You will enjoy a very strong relationship with your spouse. You may decide to get married towards the end of the year.

Lucky months          

 June, November, January, and March



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