May 02

Date                         2-May

Ruling planet         The Moon

Ruled by no            2

Traits in you

You are creative, simple, reliable, intelligent, hardworking, as well as social. You are under the influence of the Moon.You are very efficient in your work. But you need to control your attitude of being rude and negative.

Health this year

Your health will remain in a good condition. However, you may suffer from various minor diseases say a cough, cold, body pain, insomnia and so on. To enjoy this healthy life, keep a good control of your diet. You have to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. To avoid any organ dysfunction.

Finance this year

The financial condition this year will be moderate. You past investments might not bring you expected results. You may get a minimal return on your fixed savings. These will not make you secure financially. You should not lend money to anyone this year as you may need the money at any point in time.

Career this year

Being a hardworking professional, you will perform the best. However, you need to be very selective and cautious. If you plan to make a move for your career then go for a new job opportunity. You may see many ups and downs as you may struggle to get things right for yourself.

Romance this year

Your married life will go on smoothly with growing understanding between you and your spouse. You will get enough support from your partner in any problem. If you are yet to marry, there may be that you need to wait for another year.

Lucky months

June, November, December, and January


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