May 20

Date                         20-May

Ruling planet           Moon

Ruled by no            2

Traits in you           

As you are influenced by the Moon, you are confident, emotional, imaginative, simple, creative, courteous, and warm-hearted. You can easily make friends because of your nature so you enjoy enormous respect amongst your friends. You should control your mood swings and you should not be lazy.

Health this year      

As far as your health is concerned this year, you may frequently fall sick. You need to undergo regular medical checkups and take your prescribed medicines on time. Join a gym and try practicing meditation to retain your fitness.

Finance this year    

You would not be able to save any cash for future this year as your earnings are spent on one thing or the opposite. you’ll face surprising expenses, which might cause you to somewhat financially weak. you’ll opt for new business ventures, however, needn’t get entangled in any partnerships.

Career this year      

You will be given more responsibility this year as you have proved yourself to be an effective resource for your employer. You may expect a promotion or salary hike later this year. You should guide your ordinates to perform better and bring unexpected results for your organization.

Romance this year 

Your marital relationship will move forward with a lot of mutual love, care, respect, and admiration. You should not get into any kind of argument with your spouse as it may disturb your peaceful personal life. You should get married this year if you are yet to marry.

Lucky months           

October, November, January, and April



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