May 21

Date                         21-May

Ruling planet           Jupiter

Ruled by no            3

Traits in you            

As you are ruled by the Jupiter, you are energetic, ambitious, dignified, realistic, optimistic, reliable, and very kindhearted. You have the skills of a good listener so you can perform well in any field. You should learn to handle tough situations calmly and efficiently.

Health this year      

You will enjoy a moderate health this year. You need to take preventive medicines for weather changes as it may hamper your health conditions. Do not neglect your health if you feel uneasy. Consult doctor regularly and practice Yoga for better results.

Finance this year    

You will be in huge monetary benefits this year as you are going to get many contracts if you are in business. You may travel abroad to for business purpose and that would be very successful in establishing your business. You need to create new contacts to get more business. You should not invest in share market this time though you may go for real estate.

Career this year      

You will be highly appreciated by your employer for your excellent performance. With the increased workload, you may also be offered an increased salary. You should learn to handle pressure situations from your seniors. You may go for a job change later this year.

Romance this year

 You may go through minor personal disturbances and these could be solved by talking more to your partner. Do not let the distance grow. Get some time to talk to your spouse. You may plan a long trip with your partner to strengthen your relationship.

Lucky months          

 July, October, January and, March



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