June 26

Date                       26-June

Ruling planet         Saturn

Ruled by no           8

Traits in you          

Your governing planet Saturn will make you confident, unique, creative, dynamic, and intelligent. You will be determined enough to perform any task assigned to you. So you always remain a step ahead from others. Along with all your good characteristics, you have few negative characters as well. You need to work on your unreliability, insensitiveness, and selfishness.

Health this year    

You should take your prescribed medication in spite of a better health. The health of your parents may make you a worried person. You will remain fit and fine throughout this year. However, the health issues of your family members may put you under immense pressure. You need to look after the health of your family member by investing some money every year.

Finance this year 

Your financial condition will be pretty good as the movements of your stars are favorable for making money. You may go for any investment in real estate or gold. Do not trust anyone when partnerships are concerned. You should not lend or borrow money as it will create disputes.

Career this year   

 You will be establishing yourself as a very efficient and important resource in your organization this year. Your performance will influence your peers, seniors, and higher management. It is the best time to look out for a new job as it will help you grow both professionally and financially.

Romance this year   

You may go through minor personal disturbances and these could be solved by talking more to your partner. Do not let the distance grow. Get some time to talk to your spouse. You might plan a long trip with your partner to strengthen your relationship.

Lucky months        

 August, February, April and, June


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