May 03

Date                            3-May

Ruling planet           Jupiter

Ruled by no              3

Traits in you           

Your governing planet is Jupiter, therefore, you are intelligent, dignified, dynamic, simple, ambitious, and optimistic.
You are dedicated towards your work. However, you need to remove a few negative characteristics such as jealousy, rude and irresponsible behavior.

Health this year   

You will be going through a very good health this year. You might need to take proper care of your health. Visit a doctor for medical checkups regularly & eat balanced. You need to stick to the medications prescribed by the doctors for your betterment.

Finance this year   

You might be in a strong financial groove this year as you will yield profits everywhere you go for investment. Your date of birth shows you can even start new ventures if you are into established business. Few important decisions can be taken by you go for the opportunities provided this year. You would possibly invest in land and stocks whole year long.

Career this year     

If you are a keen learner, then you may get the chance to prove yourself at a greater level. You will enhance your skills and impress your boss to get better professional benefits. You are likely to a good performance appraisal or a promotion; this will encourage you to work even harder.

Romance this year

If you are yet to be in a relationship, there is a healthy chance for you to get into one. Your romantic life may take a leap this year if you are married. Avoid getting involved in any kind of argument with your beloved as it might weaken your relationship.

Lucky months          

 July, September, January, March, and April


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