May 05

Date                         5-May

Ruling planet         Mercury

Ruled by no            5

Traits in you        Your ruling planet is the Mercury. So you are born a realistic, intelligent, simple, caring, determined, and courageous. You are very helpful, and people trust you very soon. Also, you enjoy a good impression in your friend circle. However, you need to work on stubbornness and jealousy to become a better individual.

Health this year    Your health may remain the same as it has been the last year. You might improve a bit with medication and diet control. You may practice meditation and yoga for great results. Do not neglect the health of your family members. They may fall ill frequently this year and you may remain bothered for the same.

Finance this year    You might find yourself in financial benefits. However, you have to work hard to make this happen. You may go for various new proposals and assignments, which would improve your income and prosperity. There may be a huge rise in expenses, but you will be able to meet those with your increased earnings this year.

Career this year      You will be successful in every project you take up. You may be regarded as the best employee by your higher management because of your efficiency, hard work, and on-time delivery. You may need to negotiate with different types of customer and learn about handling a project independently.

Romance this year     Your marital relationship will move smoothly. If you are yet to marry, you might fall into a romantic relationship. You may get into a marital relationship if you are already in love. You will be leading a blissful romantic life with your partner with lots of love, care, and concern.

Lucky months           May, July, December, February, and April

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