May 08

Date                         8-May

Ruling planet         Saturn

Ruled by no            8

Traits in you

The influence Saturn makes you creative, realistic, helpful, thoughtful, enthusiastic, and an optimist. You should take care of your impatience and jealousy to excel as an individual this year.

Health this year

You may fall sick this year if you do not take required preventive measures. it is better to be in touch with your doctor once a month to maintain healthy conditions and take care of the health of your family members by providing them medical attention.

Finance this year

You will prosper financially with the opportunity to earn as much as possible with new income sources. You have to travel long distances if you want success in your business. Be aware of fraudulent investment agencies else you may end up losing a huge amount of money. Avoid lending money this year.

Career this year

You are a hard working person and this hard work, dedication, and efforts in your work can get mirrored in your skilled sphere. As you may go a step further towards your promotion. Your seniors may admire you this year for your performance and decision-making capabilities. Treat your ordinates respectfully. Help them in difficult situations as it would help you in getting a positive appraisal towards the end of the year.

Romance this year

Your relationship with your partner might reach new heights. As your love, trust, care, and concern will develop towards your beloved. You may get married towards the end of this year if you are likely to get married.

Lucky months             July, November, January, and February

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