Importance of Donation – Make yourself lucky

Importance of Donation – Make yourself lucky

1. The Daan Concept

Depending on the Newton law the notion of daan is based — “To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” When you daan keep in mind that what you give comes back to you and what goes around comes back to you.

2. The Getting Lucky Daan

The daan which gives you a serene life even after demise is when you donate grains, water, clothes, sitting mat (aasan) or feeding a cow or horse is known to turn foe into ally.

3. Family members and Daan

The daan will have a negative effect on a person if he does it while hurting his companions, kids and family members.

4. Going to a person’s house

When you go to a needy person’s home and do Daan then the person giving Daan will receive rich dividends.

5. Never Stop Someone From Doing Daan

A person is said to be cursed if he stops a person from donating things to a cow, Brahmin or a sick person. And such Daan should never be stopped.

6. Donate From Hand

People shouldn’t donate sesame seeds, water and rice in containers instead they should make use of their hands.

7. Directions for Daan

To increase the life span of the person doing and receiving daan they should face east and north respectively.

8. Donating Rice

To get double effect of Daan you should always give some sesame seeds with rice.

9. Daan

A person should do some other types of daan which are not physical like endow in getting a school or hospital constructed or paying for the meal of poor children.

10. Donate One Person at a Time

Only after one persons turn is over shall we move on to next person so that only one person at a time should receive things like clothes or food.

11. Donating to Cows

You can feed the poor, sick or wash the feet of a learned and religious man when you cant manage a gau daan (feeding the cow) as it is said that it is the biggest daan of them all.

12. Mahaan Daan

A maha daan is one which is done for the poor, orphan, blind, deaf, mute, handicapped or sick.

13. Daan for a Learned Brahmin

A learned Brahmin should do other types of daan such as investing in schools or hospitals instead of doing usual daan.

14. Remove Sins with Daan

Feeding a girl child or a poor, sick and handicapped is also known as maha daan. Not only these but also gau daan along with daan of gold, silver, emeralds, milk, food grains.

15. How Daan Works?

The whole theory of doing daan is whatever you give to the Universe will at last return to you as the Universe is one.

16. What Goes Around Comes Back Around

When you give something to the Universe it returns to you one way or the other just like whatever given to a ocean which doesn’t keep them with it.

17. Karma

The law of karma is proportional to the law of Newton as it comes with a great force— when you do something good just wait for the Universe to give it back to you.

18. No Second Thoughts

It is said that while doing a daan you shouldn’t think about the circumstances—just like helping someone in need immediately without thinking on how, what and why he got in that position.

19. No Judgements

If your heart is chaste then the good will come back to you so don’t be judgmental and just keep doing good.

20. A Peaceful Mind

We could get a sense of happiness and peacefulness along with more depending on your purity of heart and karma.

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