Kismat Conection numerology predictions for 2018!

Is the year 2018 numerology lucky for you? Find out in the below-given article?

It’s ending December already& New Year is not even some months away. Most of us are super excited about the approaching year. Are you ready to enroll the mysteries of the future right before this New Year? But one question that crazily in people’s mind is that whether this year would be lucky for us or not? here is the 2018 Numerology predictions

The energy of numbers

Every year comes with its own energy called as numero energy. Like the year 2017 was ruled by numero energy that was 10.  When we split and sum it this becomes 2 0 1 7=10; 1 0=. Accordingly, this energy influences your personal numbers throughout the whole year. But, the experts say this New Year that is 2018, is believed to be a universal year. It is having a numero energy of 11. So it is 2 0 1 8= 11; 1 1=2.

The spiritual importance of 11

The total sum of the year 2018 comes to be 11, this, in turn, has a great spiritual significance. In the world of spirituality, number 11 is a holy as well as the master numerology number. It is a symbol of illumination, enlightenment & inspiration.

What’s in store for 2018?

So this year 2018, you can expect, hope and pray for more.  The tolerance and peace will knock the doors of the world; spiritual awakening will also be there around the globe. The world will witness a change, superior innovations and a wave of blessings.

The spiritual blessings

This time will kill the negative energies and they will have least impact on certain numerology numbers. All thanks to number 11 (2) guiding into the light of positivity and oneness. This year is the time to take risks and change the rhythm of your life and surrender it to the wide universe.

The 2018 Predictions for each of the Numerology numbers

If you will look back at all those years in past, some of them you can actually pick out individually. They are much distinguished from the others as per good or bad events happening. Some things took a worse turn and ended up wreaking your life while others added shots of happiness. If you crave to know about that what this year has stored for your numerology number. Read the article given below & take a look your number!

2018 Numerology predictions for 1,10,19,28 number

This year your life turns over to a new chapter. This indicates that olden ties must be severed. Also, it is a time for the new beginnings & you might feel being burdened with these changes. But manager the things well and have patience. This all will help taking you a new path in life. In order to make you reach your desired destination.

2018 Numerology predictions for 2,11,20,29 number

This year, you may shift your focus from practical thoughts to emotional decisions. The year 2018, is career-wise great. It will work wonders for you. Even you can land up into your dream job. Emotions might drive you crazy, just be careful in managing your current relationships.

2018 Numerology predictions for 3,12,21,30 number

Unknowingly and unplanned year is about to come. You’ll be taking up a lot of travel trips during this you’ll experience a new phase of life. Things that had been lying low until this year will see a hike. From initial months up to the end, you’ll find your energies being boosted to all new levels. They will leave you amused.

2018 Numerology predictions for 4,13,22,31 number

According to  Kismat Conection this is not a bad year for you but can’t call it a good one either. You will have to make sacrifices and compromises for things. You might come across sticky situations & even think to quit your job.  You can make mind to start up things of your own but might face a loss. The initial struggle my exhaust your spirits. Just stay focused on the end goals and don’t be afraid in the whole journey.

अंक ज्योतिष 2018 मैं जानिए क्या कहते है आपके अंक

2018 Numerology predictions for 5,14,23 number

It’s going to be a normal or steady year for you, chances of success overrule failures. In the end, you’ll learn new and fruitful things with every chance. You’ll be doing things with passion and your decisions would not be questioned by people around you. Remember this quote that there are two sides to a coin, so always make a wise decision.

2018 Numerology predictions for 6,15,24 number

The spiritual blessings this year will be by your side go ahead and take the risks. See, analyze and then do things but don’t make blind risks. Be conscious of everything you do & be aware of universal energies around you. This is the time to show you. Things will come true for what you had been craving for all these years. Career, marriage, love and health-wise, things are going to be great.

2018 Numerology predictions for 7,16,25 number

The coming year 2018 will be a testing period for you. Things like love, trust and relationships will go through a test. Don’t be afraid of the results just give your 100%. Does things for good and don’t let this thought go away from you. The spiritual ventures you take will be the answer to all your mental tiredness this year. Accept the change and listen to your the inner voice, and don’t indulge in ignoring things for a long time.

2018 Numerology predictions for 8,17,26 number

Work wisely & you will see the results. This year demands a lot of your time, zeal, emotions and passion. Take on one thing at a time in your hand and excel in it. This way no one could outdo you. Your earnings, as well as social status, would see a gradual lift. A lot of opportunities may knock your door to pick the right one wisely.

2018 Numerology predictions for 9,18,27 number

The spiritual energy of this year’s number 11 will help you deepen your roots even more. You may feel pulled down, but remember, stronger roots it has the more powerful the tree. Health-wise things may not be smooth, so take care & have balanced diet. Avoid switching jobs this year and focus on settling. Keep things in your hands, like marriage decision. Also, you can tie a knot this year. You can tie a knot this year

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