Know the connection between your purse and birth date!

  1.  The purse and personality:

We all love to carry a purse as a part of our daily routine. Women like to carry big sized handbags while men, on the other hand, prefer small satchels. A purse or handbag not only helps us keep safe our belongings. But it also holds a special position in our everyday setup. Isn’t it exciting to know that how can a purse be so significant in one’s life? Well to get an answer to this, have a thorough read of the article below. To know more about the right purse for you.

  1. Purse and its colour:

Everyone has a different taste when it comes to bags. The fact is that you should choose a bag that goes well with your personality. And not just this, our birth date is linked with it too. And birth date also decides what colour purse we should carry. Here’s something more for you. This will definitely interest you the core!

Lets know the purse colours which go with date of births:

  1. People under Number 1:

If your birth date number is one. Then you should carry a red-colored purse with you. Added to this, you are suggested to carry a copper coin in your purse. Doing this will bring you loads of good luck and happiness.

  1. People under Number 2:

Birth number two people should carry a white or cream purse. Not only this, they should carry a silver metal coin in their hand bag. This will bring in happiness regarding their family and kids.

  1. People under Number 3:

People with the birth number 3 should carry a yellow or bright mustard coloured purse. Keeping a golden coloured pyramid in their purse brings them some extra luck.

  1. People under Number 4:

Those who have number 4 as their birth date. Should carry a brown coloured purse. They should also carry some decorative wooden accessory in their purse. This will bring them great good luck. Such people can also carry some mud. Wrapped in a paper or in a little container. This seems very profit fetching for them.

  1. People under Number 5:

Number 5 people are advised to carry a green coloured purse. If they can manage, keeping a small twig of the money plant in their purse. They will be showered by good luck and well being.

  1. People under Number 6:

If the birth date is 6, one should carry a pink or any other light coloured purse. Keeping some fresh pink coloured flowers in the purse is considered likely for them. But they should be changed daily.

  1. People under Number 7:

Born under the birth number 7 says you to carry a multi-coloured handbag. This apart, if such people keep a picture of a small fish in the purse. This brings them lots of luck and fortune.

  1. People under Number 8:

Under the birth number 8, one should carry a blue-coloured hand bag or clutch. Similarly, keeping a mini peacock in the purse can be very lucky for them. If a little peacock figure is not available, then a picture of it can be kept.

  1. People under Number 9:

Those born under the 9th birth number should carry an orange/tangerine or any blue coloured purse. They should always keep a brass coin in their purse. Hence, they will be showered with wealth and prosperity.

  1. Some more amazing tips for purse:

Never put your purse on the floor. If you have to ever then do not keep your laptop, books and water bottle on the floor. Why shouldn’t you keep your purse? It is because your purse should always be in an elevated position. You can purchase a purse hanger if you need to keep it away.

  1. Clean and spacious:

Just think of this you are keeping your discarded bills, waste paper and wet tissues in the same place where you store your money. Does not paints a pretty picture? No, not at all! Make sure that you clean your purse on a regular basis. If not every day, then once or twice a week is a must.

  1. Tender cash should be kept separately:

Often, we simply throw the change in our purse but it lands down at the bottom. Often it stays there for months. Do have a separate wallet for storing change. If you want to use the same purse on a daily basis. Make a separate compartment in it.

  1. Keep it active:

Protective charms aren’t just required for you. But your purse needs them too. Do use protective tufts and tie them around your purse. These will protect you and your surroundings as well.

  1. Avoid hotchpotch:

Arrange your purse in a way that things are easy to take out or put in. This avoids mixing up the contents of the purse. Even to locate a pair of keys bad arrangement is seen. Have separate compartments for your little things. If something is lying in your purse unused. Like an old lipstick, get rid of it immediately.

  1. Love it:

Avoid asking people to gift you a purse for any occasion. Else you should go with them to buy it. Love your purse, and maintain it in good shape. Choose one that matches your personality the best. Do follow these birth date related facts to drive all the luck and bounties towards yourself.


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