Do you know Ravan do have many wishes

Do you know Ravan do have many wishes, The Tasks that Raavan Could Not Complete in His Lifetime

1. Pride and inner self 
The evil spirit lord Ravana was an extraordinary ruler who however got blinded by pride and inner self – and at last that devoured him. In any case, do you realize that Ravana had a couple wishes he needed to change on the planet with. 
2. Against nature 
Be that as it may, his desires couldn’t be executed as they were against nature. Here are those desires. 
3. Quit appealing to God 
Ravana needed individuals to quit appealing to God or Rama with the goal that he could turn into the God of the Universe and individuals ought to petition him. 
4. The shade of blood 
At the point when Ravana battled such a large number of fights in his offer to vanquish the world, he shed a great deal of blood. This made the Gods truly furious on him. 
5. White shading 
Subsequently, he longed that the shade of blood ought to be white and not red, so that nobody will be see blood. 
6. Gold and aroma 
Ravana needed Gold to have a one of a kind aroma – this would help him discover Gold anyplace on the planet. 
7. Stair case 
Ravana needed to fabricate a staircase that would straightforwardly prompt to paradise – this would give individuals a chance to go to him. 
8. Liquor 
Ravana needed liquor to be sans smell. Along these lines everybody could get inebriated and appreciate life. 
9. Shading predisposition 
Ravana who was himself dull cleaned needed all men to have a reasonable skin tone so that no lady could ridicule them. 
10. Sea water 
Since sea water is salty and henceforth unfit for drinking, Ravana needed it to be sweet so that everybody could drink it. Give us now a chance to discuss a couple of obscure truths about Ravana. 
11. Ravana was Brahma’s awesome great child 
Ravan’s dad was the rishi, Visravas, who was the child of Prajapati Pulastya, one of Brahma’s ten children. 
12. Yagya for Rama 
It is said that long before Rama-Ravana’s hostility, Rama had assembled an extension for which he required Shiva’s favoring. Since Ravana was Shiv’s greatest bhakt, he joyfully played out the yagya for Rama. 
13. Planetary positions 
It is said that Ravana was powerful to the point that he could even oversee planetary positions as per his will – legend has it that once he rebuffed Rahu for ignoring him! 
14. Lakshman learning 
It is said that while he was kicking the bucket, Ravana conferred a few pearls of knowledge to Lakshman about existence. 
15. Veena player 
Very few of us realize that yet Ravana was a talented Veena player – he had an unmistakable fascination in music and played a great deal of instruments. 
16. His fate 
It is said that Ravana had the ability to peep into the future – he was very much aware of his defeat however because of his pride, he thought he could change what’s to come. 
17. Why did Ravana have 10 heads? 
It is said that Ravana’s mom gave him a pearl jewelry that mirrored his one head – in another hypothesis, it is said that once Ravana cut his make a beeline for pacify Shiva yet his head spun into another 10 heads. 
18. Getting his name 
Once Ravana lifted a mountain to mollify Shiva yet the God smashed his finger under the mountain – this prompt to a colossal thundering of agony from Ravana and thus Shiva chose to name him Ravana (one who thunders boisterous). 
19. He was disgraced by his better half 
Ravana was disgraced by his own better half when the last pointed the finger at him for every one of the tragedies of Lanka. Ravana understood his imprudence yet it was past the point of no return. 
20. Vishnu’s guards 
It is said that Ravan and his sibling Kumbhkaran were really Jaya and Vijaya, the guards of Vishnu. This is the reason they both were so self-important.

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