Lord Rama told this secret to Lakshman and Sita about dreams

Lord Rama told this secret to Lakshman and Sita about dreams

Agni Purana  Implication towards Dreams

1. Agni Puranaâ dreams and omens

Agni Purana is venerated as the Mahapurana which teaches us
the knowledge and perception with which we have to approach mankind. It is the
18th holy text in the Hinduism containing the conversations between the Agnidev
and Sage Vashishtha.  

2. Teachings of Vashishtha

Agni Purana is written into 380 adhyayas without any
separate sections. Rishi Vyasa and his disciple Suta are said to obtain the
knowledge from Sage Vashishtha.

3. Complicated Scripts

Vedas and Upanishads are complicated to understand and
therefore Purana came into existences which is meant for everyone to learn and

4. Teachings of Agni Purana

Agni Purana contains scripts that are from Lord Shiva,
Vishnu and Brahma. Lord Rama the mortal form of Lord Vishnu teaches us how to
distinguish between good and bad dreams and how to mend the bad ones. Basically
these Puranas help to serve the mankind.

5. Ramayana

Lord Rama taught Sita and Lakmana the making of wise King
and explained them the importance of these Puranas. They are said to be
disturbed by them in their dreams and get to know new thing in their

6. Occurrence of Dreams

We come across much stuff in our daily life, from which we
remember few things but the rest is stored in our subconscious mind. These
thoughts are said to occur in our sleep as dreams.

7. What are dreams?

The pictures or mild thoughts that occur when we sleep are
known as dreams. These are nothing but our subconscious mind reminding us of
stuffs that we saw in our daily life. 

8. Nightmares #1

One must worship Suryadev, if he dreams of falling into
abyss, wearing torn clothes or sees a tree growing from inside him/her. These
kind of dreams are considered to be bad omen.

9. Nightmares #2

We should perform Yagna in the river bank of Ganges seeking
diminution if we dream of hurting animals especially, snakes and eating them.
These dreams are inauspicious for one’s family and health.

10. Important thing about dreams

Dreams are said to be divided into three parts which are
fulfilled in accordance of time like one year, six month and fifteen days
respectively was said by Lord Rama

If a person sees good dream which is followed by bad? It is
most likely to come true before the good one. And so it is suggested that the
person wakes early after the good dream to avoid seeing the bad one.

A person should worship Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesha and
Brahma if he continues to see bad dreams often. Worshipping these Gods help
him/her to avoid seeking of such dreams.

LordVishnu and secrets from Bhagwat puran

13. Good dreams #1

When a person dreams of visiting some mountains or important
monuments or forts it is said to be auspicious and said to dissolve the sadness
from one’s life. Dreaming of riding horses is also indicated as God’s

14. Good dreams #2

When one dreams of milking the cow , lioness or an elephant,
they are said to  receive direct
blessings from the Gods.

15. Good dreams #3

If we see death in our dreams we often get afraid but in
reality is it considered auspicious as the person is said to be blessed double
by the Gods. For prolong life one must see himself been beheaded or burnt in




16. Omens

Omens are something that occurs in front of one’s eye when
he or she is awake and these omens are of two types – good as well as bad.

17. Bad omen #1

One must start their journey by worshipping Lord Vishnu if
he/she witnesses dung, ashes, grass which is dried or bones and carcasses of a
dead animal when they step out of their houses.

18. Bad omen #2

Some of the bad omens are being called from behind, or being
asked where oneself is going while starting a journey, hearing a musical
instrument. So he/she is asked to delay their journey or mostly cancel it for
next time.

19. Bad omen #3

Crow has great significance when it comes to omens
indicating the life and death of a person. Therefore avoid a cawing crow while
going for an importance work as it will only bring loss to you which may just
be related to work or one’s life. Never look at a crow with one sight as it
shortens one’s lifetime or may cause uncertain death.

20. Good omen #1

When we start our journey by seeing white flowers or animals
like cow or goat, even metals like gold is said to bring good to one’s life. We
may even see dead body lying on the ground before starting a work. All these
incidents are said to be good and bring success and prosperity for that person.

21. Good omen #2

Other good omens are sounds of peacock and donkeys and even
if a buffalo crosses your path is considered good.


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