Make your self lucky by doing this today

Make your self lucky by doing this today

Remedies for Wednesday , the day Wednesday is associated
with the planet Budh, as per numerology many numbers are friend of budh and in
numerology the number 5 is known as planet mercury or budh. The number 14 and
23 falls under the same category too. 

If people who are born on date 05,14 or 23 do below remedies
their luck can be more stronger. This is not applicable on only these dates in
fact the people related to jobs like banking, accounts, education can do the
remedies and get success in life. Chanting the mantra gives all-round success to
all and removes any uncertainty in life. It makes mind pure  and give you positivity in life. 

For reducing the negativity of Mercury (if
malefic within the beginning chart) or to enhance the positive affects of
Mercury (if benefic in the start chart), emerald gemstone is recommended. 

Carrying gemstones are one of the vital
prescribed treatments in the science of numerology for vanishing the malefic
reflections of planetary placements within the horoscope. 

Fasting here is also the identical system of
having meal simplest as soon as in a day. This fast is prescribed to be taken
via both husband and wife. Green color is perceived to be enormously auspicious
for those fasting on Wednesdays. This fast is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and lord

Donation of things like – green fodder to cow,
green dress to eunuch or Hijjada, green flowers,green cloth, , green fruit,  green colour pen or pencil to unmarried girls,
Green pulses, green vegetables to cows. keeping a green handkerchief, cooking
of Moong dal for 27 consecutive Wednesdays, planting a banana tree on Wednesday
in the surrounding environment, This can help in improving your luck, kismat
and day to day problems in life. 

Chanting the mantras or Japa of Lord Budh is one
of the best way to recollection the god. Chanting of Beeja Mantra of Budh could
range from chanting it from one hundred eight (108) times to Fifty one thousand
times. The person should do the japa of mercury mantra for 108 times or
multiples of 108 times. The well versed effects only comes if one do it 17000
times comprises in 40 days it can be done if you have good planning. This is
done only on Wednesdays the timings are 2 hrs after the sunrise the best time is
said to be between 5-7 am. 


bram breem broum sah Budhaya namah’

“om budhaya namaha”

‘Om bum
budhaaya namah’

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