These methods would reveal your future


• Humans have always been very curious to know about their future. They have always tried to produce the number of ways through which they could predict the future. And also to use the prediction for their benefits.

• Since ages, we have been in this business, out of which some methods were deleted, but some are still popular. Here is a list of some well-known ways which have been used by people for the past times. To predict and know that what lies ahead in their future.

• Don’t know when the theory of time machine would come into being. And would it be trustworthy or not? Until that time comes we introduce you to the world’s most reliable future telling methods. Which is practiced since years and till date are the most trusted.


• It is the study of numerical and designating figures. According to one’s date of birth, and noticing their influence on the life. As well as on the future of a person. The science of Numerology has been in power since the discovery of mathematics. Or more accurately it can be said as the discovery of the digit zero by Aryabhatta. Has led to its expansion. However, it became popular like the wildfire in the early 90s.


• Also referred to as Chirology. It is the study of palm to find out the future through the lines. It also tells about the personality of a person by studying the size, shape, length of fingers and lines of the hand. This science finds its roots in Hindu Astrology and holds an important place. Later it was used by Chinese people. Yijing and Gipsy fortune tellers.


• Vedic astrology is highly ancient and at least 5000 years old. It actually comes from the Rig Veda. Which is the oldest of four Vedas in Hinduism. It is the study of the stars and their influence. Also, planets and their effect on each individual. Thereby future is predicted by this method.


• On the principles of Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos in the 2nd Century CE. This astrological method predicts future by creating a horoscope or Natal chart. With the help of correct information about one’s date of birth of a person. Also, the Planetary movements and cosmic bodies play a key role in predicting future by this method.


• This is a form traditional astronomy and calendars. Chinese Zodiac animals have been created with the help of lunar calendars. They help in characterizing the personality of an individual. It took birth before some 17 centuries before the existence of Bible. Chinese Astrology was bloomed during the Han Dynasty in the 2nd Century BC up till 2nd Century AD.


• The origin of Tarot is actually unknown. This form of astrology is believed to be practiced by the Egyptians for ages. However, no proof of such origin and use of cards for future telling is present before the century 18th.


• Michel De Nostredame, French physician, and a known foreteller published a collection of his predictions and thinking. His first edition appeared in 1555. His followers say that he predicted famous future events, like World War II, planned killing of JF Kennedy and much more, in the 16th century only.


• A method of fortune telling using a deck of cards. It is very similar to tarot reading. It is believed that the Arabs introduced this form. To pay divine sight to the Spaniards in the year 1379. However, this form of future telling earned popularity in the 18th and 19th centuries.


• This is a form of divine sight in which future is predicted by using a ‘crystal ball’. There are proofs which show the usage of crystal balls for future telling by the Mayans, Egyptians, Hindus and North American Indians.


• The ability to see the future through dreams is called as ‘Precognitive dreams’. Also referred to as Déjà Rêvé. It brings the same sensations associated with Déjà vu Aura and goose-bumps on one’s skin. This form of future telling became popular when many people told of seeing the sinking of Titanic in their dreams.


• Tasseography is also known as Tasseomancy or Tassology. It is the art of reading the tea leaves. It is an old age practice of interpreting patterns made by tea leaves in a cup. Tasseomancy took birth in Asia, the Middle East and Ancient Greece. But mostly it is associated with Gypsy fortune tellers.


• ESP or Esper is based on the reception, stimulation, feeling, and intuition of information with the sense of mind. This concept has been known to mankind for more than a century. And many times it has given many true results. Yet, it became popular in the 1930s.


• Associated with Greek civilization, this form includes a person who is believed to be a mouthpiece to the God. It has been in Greek countries. The most important oracles of Greek culture were two in number. The Oracle of Pythia and the oracle of Dione.

• This is an ancient Chinese future telling method, shown by the different forms of text. Which is read throughout this world and is believed to be one of the oldest Chinese classics. It was popularized in 2nd century BC. It become an important form of foretelling in the Western part of the world.


• Runes are the letters in an alphabet set, also called as runic alphabets. Earlier, runes were used for telling future in the North part of Europe. Later in the 20th century, Rural Sweden started using it for decorative purposes in Dalarna. And also in Runic calendars.


• This future prediction form is more than 8,000 years old. It was initially used by Hindus, Tibet Monks, African witch doctors, Romans and gypsies. A popular form of future predictions, yet it is not much used today.


• The form of future prediction by making contact. With divine forces and supernatural forces. A systematic method in which many different signs, events and omens are predicted. It is used in various forms throughout the history of this world.

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