Miracles of Kalawa

1. What is the importance of Mauli or Kalawa?

A red thread, which is a little thick in size.  Is known as Mauli or Kalawa. It is a holy thread tied on the wrist. Before the beginning of any Hindu religious ceremony. It is used for a number of religious practices. It signifies the showering of holy blessings.

2. First to know this ‘What is Kalawa?’

A red thread is called as Mauli or Kalawa. It is a sacred thread tied on the wrist before any holy ceremony in Hinduism. Mauli is used for numerous religious purposes.

 3. The real significance of Kalawa:

A cotton string, of red colour having small bits of yellow. It holds some magical power to save you from evil spirits. It also has knots. These are tied up while reciting the holy mantras. It is worn to ward off negative energy away. The person who wears this red thread is inside a safety circle.

 4. The mythological importance of Kalawa:

Mauli is generally made up of cotton. But these days’ people accessorize them as per their desire. Like by adding beads and stones. Do you know Mauli holds a significant place in the Hindu mythology too?

 5. How did Kalawa come into being?

Here is the tale that tells how Kalawa came into existence. The king of the Lords, Indra, was very worried about the battle between the Gods and the demons. We all are aware of this battle that took place in the past. The demons were in a stronger position, in comparison to the Gods. Indra’s wife Indrani could not see her husband worried. She requested God to help her husband. Indrani prepared a talisman (a ring or stone, believed to have magic powers and brings good luck). By using her spiritual powers and tied it around Lord Indra’s right wrist. To mark safety against the attack of demons. Thus, Gods won the battle. Since then Kalawa came to be known as a good luck bringing charm.

 6. Another tale related to Mauli:

Here’s another mythological legend behind the birth of Kalawa. In the Vamana avatar, Lord Vishnu pushed King Bali in the underworld. It is believed that he tied a red coloured thread on the wrist of Bali. In order, to grant him immortality(freedom from death). This incident put into being the practice of tying a red Kalawa. On the wrist of people to grant them long lives.

 7. Popular beliefs associated with Kalawa:

From the ancient time, religious practitioners believe that our complete body is controlled by the wrist vein. So, if we tie Mauli or Kalwa on the wrist, it helps regulate the body’s blood pump. In turn, controls blood pressure and heart disorders.

 8. The importance of Kalawa:

It is a strong belief that tying this holy thread protects one from enemies, hardships, diseases and other harms.

9. Benefits from Kalawa:

If we wear it on our wrist, it helps purify our thoughts. And it turns negative thoughts into positive ones.

 10. Benefits of tying Kalawa:

Wearing Kalawa saves you from evil and demon spirits. It removes all the negative energy. It is one of the best ways to protect our existence from evil forces.

11. Things to be kept in mind while tying a Kalawa:

  • While tying Kalawa, the fist should not face downward. Therefore, it tied on a wrist upside down. It should have only three knots not more than that.
  • On the wrist, it should be more towards the side of the palm. Where there are three veins. These veins are associated with the three bodily doshas called as Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

The three doshas:

  • Vata or Vayu is to make the function of the nervous system easy.
  • Pitt or bile juice is necessary for good digestion and supply of blood. This way energy is transported to various parts of the body.
  • Kapha or phlegm carries the nutrients into the arterial system. According, to the belief tying three knots in the Kalawa, creates enough pressure on these veins to keep your body free from any disease related to these three.

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