Name numerology- Come and open the doors to your fortune!

Numerology determines daily life relationships and much more, in between the numbers. People who have faith in numerology believe in magical powers of numbers. They say numbers govern much of what happens in relationships, health, finances, and life in general. These numbers derived from a person’s name and date of birth. And it is used to calculate name numerology.

No one can deny that the name numerology has a huge impact on a person’s personality and luck. That is why many people make changes in their name to harvest the maximum benefits from name numerology.

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No field and no one is left untouched by it. Be it the celebs, big businessmen or a layman.  Janam Kundli by date of birth, name numerology name date birth, horoscope by name, rashifal by name etc. All are linked to one another. And its charm works for almost everyone. Let’s share some successful name numerology change examples with you. Have a look at the below article:

The celebs chose the name numerology too:

Bollywood celebs go to the extreme limits to boost up their careers in the industry. Over enthusiastic PR sector, publicity matters, holy places etc. Just before the release of their movies. Even changing their name’s spellings had been much in trend.

Some time ago, changing the real names was a thing for Bollywood stars. Like Yusuf Khan came to be known as Dilip Kumar. But now, a new fad seems to be growing up. Changing the spellings of their names is the latest fancy of Bollywood stars. And of course, it’s only done after consulting various numerologists. It is done to bring good luck to them. It actually works, because rashifal by name and date of birth never does wrong. Check out these 16 Bollywood celebrities names that changed their spellings to bring them some good luck and fortune.

  1. Rani Mukherji

Rani Mukherji to Mukerji. Somewhere midway in her career, she changed her name spelling. The bahu of Yash Raj khandaan went through a spelling change. Advised by her astrologer, it makes sense. As her name echoes in the Bolly world. Therefore, she is now Rani Mukerji.

  1. Ayushman(n) Khur(r)ana

Ayushmann Khurrana, well-known TV actor, and singer. Added the extra ‘n’ and extra ‘r’ in his name in search of good luck. Looking at his career, we see it worked for him as his horoscope by name demanded this change. Nowadays, he is far more popular than ever before. Therefore, he is now Ayushmann Khurrana.

  1. Tus(s)har Kapoor

He adds one more ‘S’ to his name. Nevertheless, he isn’t successful but we think that his Janam kundali by date of birth and name. Made him took birth in a well-known family. Therefore, he is now Tusshar Kapoor.

  1. Ajay Devgan

Ajay Devgn decided to drop the ‘A’ from his surname a few years ago, and we think it’s worked out pretty well for him. The Golmaal series, both Singham rocked. He has delivered some big blockbusters after the name change. Now he is known as Ajay Devgn now.

You must try name numerology if you are facing trouble in life. According to Shastras only name is an element which is living and keep on traveling.  By just changing a small spelling in the name can bring good fortune to life

  1. Karishma Kapoor

The green eyed Kapoor girl, who is extremely beautiful decided to drop the ‘H’ from her name. Now her name is so tricky but classy. She is written as Karisma Kapoor now.

  1. Rite(i)sh Deshmukh

Here is the one in an exception. Riteish added an extra ‘I’ to his name. His astrology by date of birth and name is working wonders for him. Riteish Deshmukh is his new spelling. 

  1. Suni(e)l Shetty

Suneil Shetty added an ‘E’ to his name as known through his rashifal by name and date of birth. But he was a little late in this aspect. Since the time he added an extra alphabet it turned out to be magic. Suneil’s career was almost over now, seems he is on retirement! Yet, his name is fame!So let’s welcome Suneil Shetty.

  1. (H)Rithik Roshan

This one guy whose name changing according to numerology name has worked out really well! Hrithik added ‘H’. In the starting of his name and since then there had been no looking back. Numerous issues were there in his personal life divorced even, but with all this while his career remains been untouched. A name flying so high in the media industry “Hrithik Roshan”.

Enjoyed reading about the miracles of name spelling change? Isn’t it truly amazing! So these were the success stories of the famous Bollywood celebs. Join hands with Kismatconection & it’s your time to create one!


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