People who never have to take Rebirth according to the Puranas

  1. Narada Purana-“The secrets for Moksha”

The King Bhagirath asked a question to Dharmaraja (Lord Yama). About the journey of the soul once death occurs. He was very much surprised to hear the answer. The answer was that “a soul needs to take several rebirth until the soul attains moksha”.

  1. Dharamraj

Yamraj provided him with the information that in order to achieve a peace in present birth. A soul must give itself some tough self-punishments in terms of Karma.

  1. Soul’s ultimate peace

The conversation between Lord Yama and King Bhaghirath is beautifully mentioned in the Narada Purana. There it is revealed by the Yama that how a soul can see itself freed from the continuous cycle of birth & death or Rebirth.

  1. Circle of life and death

It is mentioned in the holy scripts that if individual wishes to end this chakra or circle. Then he/she must follow the below things. Also, any individual doing the following things might find themselves getting free from this chakra.

  1. Sacred scripts

As per the Narada Puranas, the following people can easily have a calm situation. Also would be able to get rid of their bad karma and achieve the state of moksha. 

The people who would be able to end this chakra are mentioned below: 

1.)  The one who worships Lord Vishnu with devotion. Using fragrant flowers for him on the occasion of  Ekadashi. He/she receives the punya of decreasing his sins of at least 10,000 births.

2.) A worshipper who lights a ghee diya(earthen lamp) and deeply worships Lord Shiva and Vishnu. He/she receives the punya which equal to Ganga Snana(spiritual bath). If they give into charity the things which value them the most, they will easily attain their peaceful stage.

3.) Offering Tulsi leaves, with love and devotion to Lord Vishnu. And worshipping along Devi Tulsi, he/she will get not only get salvation (peaceful afterlife), but also a place in the Vaikunth Dham.


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