Reveal secret of your LOVE/ARRANGE Marriage by your Date of birth !

Reveal the secret of your LOVE/ARRANGE Marriage by your Date of birth!

It must be clearly understood that the fate of love marriage prediction
and relationships are based on. Likewise, it must also
be accepted that marriage is a system that was devised by humans. There are a
lot of systems and things that co-exist in nature.


Marriage according to humans is an important part of the
society. It is something that is viewed with great importance in our
country.  This is the reason why a lot of
astrologers and matchmakers are consulted before going ahead with a marriage
between couples. Astrologers take in a lot of connection points between the
to-be-married couples including Gun-Milan based on moon signs and Nakshatra
based on the position stars.


Numerology gives a simple and satisfactory way to match couples
and decide the kismat between them. A successful married life and bearing
healthy children can be figured out using simple calculations in Numerology


The biggest curiosity among individuals who are waiting to be
married is whether they will be married to their partner in a love marriage
scenario or in an arranged marriage scenario. Numerology gives a simple
prediction which says that persons with destiny numbers as 5, 6 or 7 usually go
for love marriages. These are the individuals who are willing to go against the
will of their parents and society to marry one of their dreams. Even if one
of the people in a relationship has this number, then love marriage is
possible. Also, individuals with the numbers 3, 6, 8 and 9 have the possibility
of a late marriage. These are the kind of people who love their freedom much
and will find it hard to be actively involved in a relationship with their
partner after marriage. Some of these individuals are concerned about their
career more than anything and hence cannot give valuable time to a


Also if you are married to an incompatible Date of birth it may affect your health just after getting married


Individuals with the number 9 show the Manglik effect in their
marriage. Those who are born on the 18th must be careful with marriage. When
Mars shows negative trends, these people can give up on their partners to lead
a life of isolation as sanyasis or join a spiritual movement. These are the
kind of people who can be easily addicted to drugs and wine as well. The best
time to marry for these people will be after the age of 27 and that too after a
complete consultation with a numerologer who can give advice on how to tackle
problems that can arise after marriage.

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