Revealing story of Lord Krishna how he Kidnapped Queen Rukmini on the day of Marriage

story of Lord Krishna how he Kidnapped Queen Rukmini on the day of Marriage

Lord Krishna is well-known for his antics and mischiefs as a
kid. This set him apart from other kids who were far less mischievous and
trouble to others than him. Krishna was a real pain in the neck for many when
he was a young kid. He used to steal the clothes of gopis who were bathing in
the pond, crack open earthen pots to eat ghee. But do you know that Krishna was
a far more fun-loving person as he grew up to be an adult? Did you know that he
kidnapped a princess on the day of her marriage?

Here is the tale of Lord Krishna and the kidnapped princess

The king of Vidarbha, Bheeshmaka had two children Prince
Rukhmi and Princess Rukhmini. The Prince was a close friend of Kansa who was an
enemy of Krishna. Prince Rukhmi wanted his sister to marry Shishupal who was
the crown prince of a region known as Chedi.

The ruler of Magadha, Jarasandha was also a friend of the
Prince and wished for his alliance. While her brother was busy managing tasks
of the land and in finding the perfect match for her, Princess Rukhmini already
had her man chosen. She had heard tales of bravery and courage shown by Krishna
for long and had in her heart decided to marry him. When news reached Rukhmini
that her brother had picked Shishupal as her alliance and groom, she resolved
that she will only marry Krishna or otherwise die.

She got her aide Sunanda, a wise old Brahmin, to write a
note to Krishna. She expressed in the note that she wished to marry Krishna and
that she had made him her husband in her heart. She asked Krishna to come
before her marriage and take her away. She also asked Krishna to not harm any
of her family members while he took her away.


Meanwhile, Krishna too had a liking for Rukhmini and had
known her beauty for long. He too was interested in having her as his wife. But
the fact that her family was associated with Kansa and Jarasandha made him
hesitant of asking them for Rukhmini’s hand in marriage.

Now that both the parties involved in the love equation were
interested in eloping, a Bollywood style elope was planned. Krishna had to take
the help of Balaram to take on the army of Prince Rukhmi. The Prince was set on
killing Lord Krishna and taking his sister back. Since Krishna had vowed to not
kill Rukhmi, he shot two arrows at him, one which cut the Princess hair in half
and another which cut his moustache in half. This kind of embarrassment made
Prince Rukhmi not continue the war and Krishna took with him Princess Rukhmini.

This art of snatching the bride from her wedding is what we
read as the Rakshas-style of wedding in Hindu scriptures. Now that Krishna
safely eloped with Rukhmini, he took her to Dwarka and the lovely couple
married in style!

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