Second Toe Longer Than Other Toes? Know what it says:

For a period more than 5000 years, a special art is performed by people of some countries. The Chinese and Indians practice the unique art of foot and toe reading. People of these countries believe that the feet act as a mirror to the rest of the body and reflect some relevant information about one’s personality. Same as the popular proverb, “Eyes are the windows to the soul”. If there is a presence of any lump, pain or deposition of tissues in the feet, it indicates problems in the other parts of the body. For example, the arches show some connection with the spine, meaning a bent or fallen arch indicates a back problem. Including this, it is also believed that there is the connection of the mind with the body. This link between the two signifies physical problems can be caused by personality. The practice of foot reading is used to help individuals overcome problems in their life. That affects the health or emotional issues and cause imbalances. Also, this art is used as a personal development tool.

toeThe true nature this concept:

Jane Sheehan, a well-known reflexologist. In her study about an interpretation of the behavior of reflexes has come up with some amazing researchers. She has certainly said that feet show everything about people. Starting up from knowing the functioning of their digestive system up till the state of their personal relationships. By having a look on one’s feet it can be seen easily if you are a wild and adventurous person kind of person. Or have stable desires, order, and harmony in life. Also, she adds that the color, skin, and texture of the feet speak. Study of feet can help the bodily diseases to get healed faster. Even it gets easy to find out about an illness in the body by this method.

The study says that:


People who have a big and prominent first toe, much longer than other ones are smart and creative. They always have a clear and clever solution to their problems. These people have a different point of view, therefore, they see things differently. But sometimes they might face troubles while focusing and don’t see projects thoroughly. On the other hand, if the big toe is smaller in length. It means that such people are capable of doing many things at the same moment. They deal with things easily and in the best possible way. They also use their attractive exterior to influence others with their own ideas.


People with a long second toe are good leaders. They have qualities like active nature and creativity. But sometimes turn bossy and over dominating. Where people with smaller second toe are not to be ignored, they are harmony lovers. It is also believed that those with a bigger second toe enjoy a superior status in their relationship and marriage. Nature has powered them with dominating strength. 


If the third toe is also long, it means those people are energetic and born genius, specifically in the professional field. These people try to do things with perfection and can achieve much if remain determined and active. A negative thing associated with them is that while working they can forget about love, family, and fun. Moreover, such people with the third short toe enjoy their life to the fullest. They like to relax much and not indulge in working.


People with a long and straight fourth toe shows that their family is important to them. If this toe is a little curled, it means such people have an unhappy relationship with their partner. These people are very good listeners and caretakers. But still remain unhappy within the family. Also, it becomes hard for them to cut themselves off from other people’s problems. As when people share their issues, such people at once get ready to help them. For an easy remedy, they need to relax and stop worrying about other people’s problems. While people with a fourth short toe have a different thinking and focus elsewhere. Their family and relationships are not much important to them.


People with tiny last toe have a very childlike behavior. They don’t like taking responsibilities and can be easily bored. Thus, they look for fun-filled distractions in everything they come across. Also, these people are funny, easy-going and have a good common sense. People who can move their little toe separately from their fourth toe, they are considered fast reacting, adventurous and charming. But the people who cannot move their little toe, tend to like routine, loyalty and do things in a scheduled manner.

Varying sizes of toes and feet indicate: 


If each of the toes is longer than the one before, they tend to create a neat outline. Forming a beautiful foot. It means the person is logical, practical, short and simple in expression. He/she always complete what they start with full energy and zeal. Besides being a perfect employee in the company, they are a good and loyal with their friend too. 


These people are very, very hard working. They keep on doing things and find it very difficult to sit down. People with wide feet or solid worker feet and are always on the go and never stop. They’re happiest when they are busy and they consider much free time as a waste. But also they should definitely try to make time for reflection. Work a little in order to achieve inner peace including a calm phase in their life.


These people like to be spoiled and free-living for any chance. They don’t want to bother about anything or hard work. If someone else can finish the work for them they become glad. Moreover, they’ve got a strong creative mind and great imagination. And turn beauty around them in a piece of their work. These people have a wonderful home as creative mind give birth to goof home décor. In spite of low income and earnings, their creative sense adds stars to their lifestyle.

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