Seeing a dead body or a funeral is fortunate and brings rewards

  1. Is it fine to see a funeral procession?

Unlike our life, death is a truth which cannot be changed. You can take someone’s life by killing them, but you can’t take away their dead. Whoever is born on this Earth shall have to taste their death. This is a universal Truth. This law of nature is firm. It holds a great importance in Hinduism.

  1. Yamraj-

Death is considered as an ‘escape’ from the life cycle. According to Vedas, it chooses us at the desired time, a second neither early nor later. Yamraj, is concerned with the God of Death. He is believed to send his ‘Yamdoots’ to bring back the soul from the humans living on Earth.

  1. Panchtatva mein vileen(Splitting in 5 elements)-

After a soul leaves the body, it feels no pain, happiness, sadness, fear or sensation. It is supposed to be split up into the ‘Panchtatva’, those five elements of Universe-Earth, Fire, Sky, Air, and Water.

  1. Journey towards the cemetery-

In Hinduism, after death occurs, the dead body is prepared for its final journey. Its final destination on Earth is the ‘Shmashan’. The funeral rites are performed and the body is wrapped in white cloth (for men and widows). Red cloth (for the married woman) and is showered with final offerings from loved ones and family members. In the form of flowers, perfume, and new clothes, based on the rituals.

  1. Arthi or dead bed-

The dead body is then carried around on the shoulders of the men from his/her family and friends.  But sometimes women in absence of men. Or due to an emotional gesture. This way it is carried to the up to the funeral ground.

  1. Funeral procession-

According to the Hindu belief, it is said the journey of the dead body must be through a particular route. After taking farewell from people they meet or greet as their own usual routine. This journey is referred to a funeral procession.

  1. Why?

There is another reason that why the funeral procession for the dead is done. And why is it lucky to see a procession if you are on your way to home, work, college or school, market, etc.

  1. Positives of seeing a funeral procession-

Here you will get to know why it is lucky to see a funeral procession. What must be done, when you see one. And what it should remind you of.

  1. Mannerisms on seeing a Funeral-

Whenever one sees a funeral procession, they should fold their hands, bow their head and start the chant of the Shiva Mantra as- ‘Shiv, Shiv… Shiv’.

  1. Soul sees us as an object-

According to Hindu belief, the soul remains attached to the body and takes along with it all the pain & sorrow. Of the person who is the source of chanting the mantra.

  1. An important ritual-

As mentioned in the Manusmriti, it is necessary for a funeral procession to journey through a village.

  1. Essential manners-

It is believed that during the procession, rather than talking about useless things and conversing. People must chant the name of God, or silently say prayers for the dead.

  1. Soul takes along wishes-

If one sees the funeral procession, they must send their wishes and desires along with the dead. As it is said the soul takes away with it every heard word to the Yamraj.

  1. Japa of the Shiva mantra-

Also, one must discontinue their own journey. Like if one is going to his/her house, work place etc.. and stop for a while continuing with the chanting of mantras.

  1. Know what Astrology says:

According to the astrology, it is lucky and favorable to see a funeral procession in your way. It’s a good sign for ones future. It clearly indicates that all uncompleted desires and work would get done. And destruction, evil and sorrows will vanish from your life.

  1. Kandha dena-

It is full of blessings as giving a shoulder support to the dead bed is reward worth. It is considered equivalent to holy ‘Yagya’, which means a holy sacrifice in Hinduism.

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