Shani and its remedies to cure Shani Paridosh

Shani and its remedies to cure Shani Paridosh

26th Nov is a day said to be mix day for Shani dev and lord Shiv. When these two incidents meet together it is known as shani pradosh. Lord Shiv have declared Shani as Judge for the world who will give you justice as per your Karma’s.

Also we will tell you as per numerology what are the remedies you can do to cure your Shani and make your luck.

1. You should take bath early in the morning and offer panchamrit to shivling and then you should recite om Namah Shivay 108 times

2. In the evening light up lamp of mustard oil under holy peepal tree and recite om shan shanichraye namah(ॐ शं शनिश्चराय नम: ) 108 times

3. After sunset donate food to some needy and some other eatable items as per your convenience

4. Donate shoes, umberalla, black sesame , black urad pulse to old needy people

5. Today in the evening plant peepal tree and take its responsibility for water and other essentials. Plant it anywhere but not in your home.

6. In the evening in your left hand middle finger you can wear iron ring.

7. Recite hanuman chalisa under peepal tree.

8. Today try to recite this mantra all day Om pram prim praum sah shanaye namah(ऊँ प्रां प्रीं प्रौं सः शनये नमः)

Kismat conection & Numerology will always help you in letting you know what and how your karma affects your life.

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