Vishnu Purana states that ‘Doing these on daily basis can harm you’

Let’s know about the Vishnu Purana:

Vishnu Purana is one amongst the eighteen Maha Puranas. It’s a series of the most ancient text present in Hinduism. The Vishnu Purana has its contents in settled in Pancalaksana format. In this series Sarga (cosmogony), Pratisarga (cosmology), Vamśa (mythical lineage of the gods, sages and the kings). Manvañtara (the cosmic cycles), and Vamśānucaritam (legends during the times of various kings).


The composition date of the Vishnu Purana is just guessed, not really known. Various authors who lived in different time phases. Attributed to be the contributors to its composition!

Structure of the Vishnu Purana:

The text comprises six aṃśas. Aṃśas or parts mean the same thing. Also, it has126 adhyāyas or chapters. The first part has 22 chapters in all. And the second part consists of just 16 chapters. The third part has 18 chapters while the fourth part has 24 chapters. The fifth and sixth parts stand out. As fifth is the longest with 38 chapters. While sixth is the shortest with only 8 chapters.

Contents of the Vishnu Purana:

Vishnu Purana has an opening dialogue between Sage Maitreya and his guru. The guru is named as Sage Parashar. Vishnu Purana consists of 6 aṃśas. The First one is aṃśa: cosmology; Second is aṃśa: earth; the third is aṃśa: time. The Fourth is aṃśa: dynasties, fifth aṃśa: Krishna and the Sixth aṃśa: liberation.

Life Lessons are given in the Vishnu Purana:

A long time ago people began to put their faith in the Puranas. And other sacred scriptures, it is a universal belief that all the existing. Hindu scriptures have a lot to teach us. Vishnu Purana focused on daily activities. That should be done and followed on regular basis. What are these things? Let’s find out.


Bathing is a need for humans as it keeps. However, bathing in excess or doing it for longer duration can create a lot of problems. And lead to sickness. So Vishnu Purana says that one should make sure, that the bathing process should be short and simple. But it should meet its purpose of getting a proper clean up. But it is not so that you should keep bathing for an hour or so.

Sleep Timings:

Similarly, sleeping habit is also a cause of concern. Both sleeping less and sleeping more are unfit for health. And they can bring in you’re a lot of trouble. One should keep a check on the timing of sleep. Also early waking up is a characteristic of healthy houses. According to the Vishnu Purana, one should wake up in the Brhamamuhurata.

Physical relation:

Intimate connections between a man and woman should also be in limits. Otherwise, all this leads to a lot of problems in life. As such, there is no logical explanation. However, thinking on the basis of cosmology. It is that there should be more spiritual growth between a man and a woman. Rather than indulging in physical relations most of the time!


Exercising one’s body is of great importance. The texts mentioned gave stress to fitness. However, it should not be done in excess. The workout should, per the requirement of an individual. Doing it more leads to the breakdown of tissues. Also, not everyone’s body type is the same so one should exercise accordingly.

10 Something beyond the Daily jobs:

Vishnu Purana also mentioned about other things that one shouldn’t do. And they are important as well. And we need to pay heed to them. What are these things? Let’s have a look!

11 Things declared as a big no in the Vishnu Purana:

There are certain things that Vishnu Purana has strictly marked a not to be done during the night time. As there is always a reason behind everything. Even creation of the Earth was definitely a part of the cosmological plan. Down here are written the don’ts!

12 Stay away from Crossroads:

One should avoid going from a crossroad during the night time. It is believed that during the night there is the presence of some unsocial elements. A common human might face troubles, thus it should be avoided.

13 Visiting a Cemetery:

One should avoid visiting the Cemetry during at night time, especially. There are always negative energies active. And they keep revolving around the place. They can hamper your system too. Also, the smoke that comes out from the funeral pyre is very harmful to health and lungs.

14 Distance from the ill souls:

Yes, one should stay away from the wicked or the characterless people. Such people act out on their senses during the night. Thus, one should always maintain distance from such people. And be free from the karmic cycle.


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