You work hard and yet cashless all the time, try these remedies

You work hard and yet cashless all the time, try these remedies

1.Shortage of cash all the time?

Money has always been a problem. Let us earn it how much but at the end we will have a shortage of it. We may work hard for the money we earn, but when we see there isn’t a penny which we have saved for the future.

2. Offerings to God

People are habitual of offering flowers to God during the morning. And they most often remove it the next day while offering the new flowers. But it is said that the flowers offered should be removed the same day as when the flowers stale, they seem to bring negativity in the house.

3. Clean regularly

We should clean the house regularly as is not good to keep unnecessary objects. Once the stuffs you need are sorted from those you don’t need you can give to people who need them. This gives you space where you can move relaxingly.

4. Dairy products

It is said that any dairy products especially milk kept uncovered is inauspicious. Even if the milk is warm try and cover with some thin foil and then keep in the fridge. This helps with your hygiene also as germs or any insects may fall in the uncovered milk, when we drink it leads to the health issue and at the end waste money too.

5. Foot wears should be outside

We all have foot wears that we use, we must make sure that our foot wears and socks should not be left in the areas near the temple. And moreover, it would be better to remove them outside the house itself in the area assigned to them.

6. First morsel to Cow

It is considered auspicious to feed your neighborhood animals especially like cows and dogs chapattis before anyone in the house have their first morsel as it brings prosperity.

7. Indoor plants

Another thing that may bring prosperity to one’s household is keeping indoor plants. They give us fresh and purifying oxygen to breathe and also spread a positive energy around the house.

These plants may bring Bad luck to you

8. Thorny plants

It is said that thorny plants like cactus bring health issues and money problem among the family. So it is advised either you avoid them or keep them outside the house.

9. Tulsi plant

People especially the Hindus consider offering prayers to the sacred tulsi plant brings peace and prosperity in the family. But the same plant can get the family in deep trouble if kept in the southern corner of the house and so never keep them in that corner.

10. Peepal tree

Peepal tree as both the qualities that are good as well as evil. Therefore, people are advised to never plant that tree in the eastern corner as it causes fear and tension in the house.

11. Banyan tree

It is said that if there is any old banyan tree in the eastern corner of your house can give your family security and help financially.

12. Counteracting on Vastu Dosha

Navachandi Yagya, Shantipath and Agnihotra Yagya are those yagyas that may be performed to avoid the Vastu Dosha. Therefore it is advised that the people struggling with Vastu Dosha should perform them regularly.

13. Pooja’s for new house

When we do something for the first time like entering a new house or office, it is said that performing poojas like Ganesh pooja, Navagrah Shanti and Vastu Purush pooja is considered auspicious.

14. An easy tip

Praying regularly to a wrapped up red sand, cashews and few powlas in the red cloth kept in the Western direction on Tuesday is considered an easy Vastu trick.

15. Old products leads to Vastu Dosha

Vastu Dosha is said to be spread in the house if any old products like door, frames or lock is used while constructing a new home.

16. Swastik Mark

Hanging or drawing a swastika sign on the front door is considered to bring prosperity and good luck. Other than that never let your foot touch the front door while you enter.

17. Rudra Abhishek

Performing a Rudra Abhishek on every Amavasya night keeps away or counteracts on all the Vastu Dosha in your home.

18. Evil hunter Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is said to be God considered to remove all bad or evil things in one’s life. Therefore it is suggested to keep an idol in your house and clean it regularly.

19. Pooja Room

A prayer room is must in every house either the house is big or small doesn’t matter. Make sure to pray and clean the room regularly as in everyday.

20. Pooja for new home

Vastu Shanti Pooja is a necessity when you enter your new home. And keep in mind that you should move within three hours after the pooja as it is not good to leave it empty for more time.

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