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Qualities of People with Numerology Number 2,11,20 & 29

The planet that rules the number two people is-The Moon. They are termed as the most sensitive people and display various kinds of characteristics. They are soft, shy, charming, and gentle in their conduct. They experience great changing of moods. People find it very hard to understand them as these people are of much-hidden behavior. They are always ready to help people and are cooperative towards others.

They sometimes show dual nature and play tricks, as they are tactful. They have rich manner, patience, peace, and sincerity. They stay away from arguments and heated discussions. They have a strong sixth sense therefore, they can feel about anything. They are full of love, humble gestures, spirituality, and harmony. They always take their part to support others. They are really expressive and are able to show their emotions with ease. They are thoughtful enough, caring, thankful, and hospitable. They easily make out what others need and want. So they work on giving them the same.

They are pleasant and very imaginative. They worry a lot about imaginary problems. They are dreamy natured and build castles in the air.

False notions of ghosts etc. and fear of them are characteristics of such persons. They often go off mood, and even a trivial matter upsets them and they fight. They are selfless and always mindful of the well-being of others. they love neatness. They love change, the sea, flowers, sky, and scenery and natural beauty. Therefore they like long travel, which satisfies them.

Their basic nature:

In love with romance, they see beauty in everything they come across. Grateful to Lord and sometimes they act as strong support providers, who stay behind. They have a broad mindset to view and analyze things. They are able to handle quarrels and fights easily. Due to their abilities, they are often tagged with a mediator name.

They are full of justice and remain impartial. In their thinking, in their speaking, and in their doings they reflect honesty. Well-organized beings can be the best team mate as they know the trick of dealing and handling the people. A little pessimist and a little disheartened, they live quiet. This way they hardly make best out of their life. As a result, they lag behind in attaining the most out of them.

However, they also can develop some negative traits, which obstruct their personality growth. These negativities can be their shyness, fear, and lazy attitude, lack of interest, passion, energy, emotion, and enthusiasm, for any activity. At times they act dull and low and have an indifferent attitude show. Being a pessimist they lack self-confidence and turn low in their self-esteem. They fall prey to mood swings, shifts, and hurts. They are much dependent and very insecure regarding their relationships. Hence, they always search for stability, security and deep love in a relationship. They escape from criticism and commentary.

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