Anka Shastra will tell you that in which year your LUCK will shine!

1 . At which age, you’ll touch success?

In various ancient scriptures, it is written that our lives are interlinked with the universe, planetary movements, name, and our birth date, etc.

2 . Scriptures quoted on Astrology:

Our ancient scripts show the link of our lives with Earth, the universe, motions of the heavenly body, sound and vibration of our name, birth number, etc.

3 .Understand the Numerology:

Numerology is an important part of Vedic astrology. It helps to study the life of an individual, based on 3 special numbers-

a.)     Birth

b.)     Destiny

c.)     Name

The birth number is at one, it is calculated by using the whole number of the day of the month in which the person was born. For an example, if it’s 24th May then, 2 + 4= 6.

 4. How to calculate it?

The destiny number, which is at number two, is calculated by adding up the entire date of birth. Inclusive the number of month and year, example- 12th September 1985; then it will be 1 2 0 9 1 9 8 5= 35; 3 5= 8.

5. Ancient study of numbers:

Anka Shastra, a holy scripture in Hinduism, contains the knowledge of numbers and their influence on a person’s life. It is written there about the Vedic Numerology as transcribed by ancient scholars. We will tell you that in which year you’ll taste the success. And this all will be based on the readings of Anka Shastra.

6. For the destiny number 1:

The ruling planet of number one is ‘The Sun’. According to the Anka Shastra prediction, the 22nd and 34th year will bring in massive success in the life of people with number 1. The major work opportunities will open the doors to you.

7. For the destiny number 2:

The Moon is their ruling astronomical body. People with this Destiny number are expected to see success in their 24th as well as the 38th year. The period around these years will be highly profitable, money-wise and success wise.

8. For the destiny numbers 3 & 5:

‘Jupiter and Mercury’ are their ruling planets. They sync with each other perfectly, such individuals will see their good luck in their 32nd year. This would be the time to turn on cash on your luck.

9. For the destiny number 4:

Number four has ‘Rahu’ as the positively dominating planet, Anka Shastra says that their 36th year will fetch them much-awaited luck and success in their lives.


10. For the destiny number 6:

With their ruling planet ‘The Venus’ they stay in harmony. This destiny number will produce handful of success in their 25th year. And, the major good luck would hit their doors in their 27th and 32nd year.

11. For the destiny number 7:

This destiny number for number 7 has Ketu ruling over them, which might delay their success in their later 20s. Moreover, their 30s would see great luck being showered upon them, and especially their 38th and 44th year of their lives will be good.

12. For the destiny number 8:

These people are ruled by ‘The Saturn’. They will get the taste of fashion and glamour in their 36th and 42nd years. These years would bring success and desired success in terms of financial stability.

13. For destiny number 9:

Mars is the ruling planet for the destiny number nine, these individuals would see the 28th year of their life, bringing in a lot of positive changes, in terms of name and popularity. Their success would rise continuously.


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