Arjun Seven Secret facts one must know

From the earliest times, we know that Arjun has gifted with as the well-known archer has twisted and humiliated few times. Arjun, a gifted archer of his times, has fought and shamed rare times. A good and disciple, he had the partiality of his Guru and Lord Krishna, which providing him a priceless edge. Here are some of the smaller knows the stories of Arjuna.

Arjuna’s son sacrificed himself before Kurukshetra war

 Arjuna had a son called Iravan from the princess Uloopi. Formerly of the start of the epic  Mahabharata war, he decided to be surrendered to Goddess Kali to guarantee the victory for the Pandavas. But then again, he had a demand to be married before he died and this bent a problem.
But there was not any girl who would be keenly married to a person who was about to die. Meanwhile, Shri Krishna became Mohini and wedded to Iravan thus pleasing his last wish. Not only this, after the demise of Iravan, Mohini dripped and distressed like a widow.

Uloopi’s boon

On exile, Uloopi, a naga princess, fell in love with Arjuna. A day, while Arjuna was having a bath, he was captured by the princess and she admitted that she plans to marry him. Arjuna explained that he was in exile, and if it is satisfactory to marry, then let it be. Arjuna wedded her and Uloopi decided him a boon that no amphibious being would be able to defeat him. Uloopi also reinstated Arjuna’s life when he was destroyed by Babhruvahana.

The salvation of crocodiles

Arjuna in exile, faced many problems as he reached an ashram. In that ashram, advisors told him to help them form crocodiles who do not let any living one with bath and perform other activities required a form that pond.  Arjuna assured to help them as he was sheltered by a boon from Uloopi, his wife.
Soon, he bravely entered into the lake and took the crocodile to the outward. That crocodile evolved into a woman and said that she was under a curse from a wise man. She and her four friends troubled the wise man. That woman was named as Varga. The wise man said that when a brave fighter tweaks that crocodile out of the water the curse will be over on its own.  Then she asked him to help her friends as well as they are also existing as the crocodile. Arjuna grateful and autonomous Saurabha, Samichi, Lata, and Budbuda.

Arjun saves Drona from crocodile and wins Brahmastra

An interesting story was also about  Arjuna came into ownership of Brahmastra. A Day crocodile caught Drona. He could have easily protected himself but required to test his students. He asked for help and seeing the condition, everyone became impractical. But Arjuna knew what to do and soon enough, the relief his arrows to execute the crocodile. Guru Dronacharya was enormously happy with the work of  Arjuna. Arjuna’s presence of mind and applying his assistances in a life situation.

After seeing this.He decided to give him the knowledge of Brahmastra, complete with the means for initiating and removing it, which could make him unbeatable. This is prominent that Drona did not part this indication with his own son, Ashwaththama, his son.

Although Duryodhan was more powerful but he did some mistakes one should read this

Arjun wanted to kill Yudhishthira

 It seems weird, but it is true, Arjuna really wanted to kill Yudhishthira. When Karna was the chief of the Kaurava’s army and he overpowered Yudhishthira in a battle. Pandava was embarrassed by this and he thought that Arjuna would yield his revenge. But later on he got to know that this did not happen, so Yudhishthira started to say ill things to Arjuna and requested him to leave his weapons as they are of no use. Arjuna was under a promise that he would kill anyone who asked to part with his weapons. His elder brother said to surrender his weapons, Arjuna was inevitable to kill his brother. Lord Krishna again protected the day for Pandavas when he recommended a way out of this.

Arjun was defeated by Kirata and wins Pashupatastra

Formerly the start of the battle of Kurukshetra, Arjuna departed in search of weapons.It was sure that from that weapon Pandavas win the battle. A day he met a wild pig on which a Kirata also untrained right. Sooner a fight happened between these two and finally, Arjuna was conquered. It was later exposed that the hunter was Lord Shiva.
Lord delivered him with his own defense – pashupatastra.

When Arjun was shamed

Arjuna was an excellent archer and noticeably he became proud of the skills he possessed.Once on a pilgrimage, he occurred to come across to meet Hanuman. This place was Rameshwaram, where the bridge was made from vanars for the search of sita.

The challenge between Arjun and Hanuman

Arjuna bragged before Hanuman, saying that “Lord Rama has not have asked the monkeys to build a bridge. If I were here, I would establish a bridge with my arrows.” “A bridge of your pointers!(arrows) Leave alone the Vanara army, it will crash under my feet,” Hanuman told him back. It developed into a challenge. It was decided that Arjuna should stiff a bridge with his arrows and Hanuman should walk on it. If the bridge distorted, Arjuna will jump into the fire; otherwise, Hanuman must embellish Arjuna’s excellence.

The Bridge was built

Thereafter Arjuna soon built a bridge with his arrows. While Hanuman verified the bridge and set a foot on it, the bridge collapsed into a thousand pieces.  As said by Arjuna, he was ready to jump into the fire.

Lord Krishna arrived

Then Shri Krishna reached to that place. He asked them to repeat their performances. When Arjun created the arrow-bridge, Krishna touched the bridge with his divine hands and asked Hanuman to test it once again. Then Hanuman danced on that it  with all his force, it wasn’t even shaken. Hanuman was surprised and then understood that Krishna is none other than Rama. Hanuman kept his word and go in Arjuna’s banner.



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