Your Birth month have special personality traits

1. Birth month is as important as Birth date

A birth month is very important for all of us and it predicts lots of unfolded stories who we were destined to be when we were born. Some can determine a person’s character using their birth month and it is also coming in numerology practices. Some of the scholars have also found that that birth months disturb everything from chosen the right career to attitude. For example, The kids who are born in July are generally more optimistic throughout the life and also face vision problems. Let’s find out more facts-

2. Your birth month affects your life

Everyone has their unique month are as per that they have their own different characteristics, but we can also calculate something through your birth month that how long you will live, your physical appearance, how will your academic goals, your BMI, your morning-versus-evening fondness and how likely you are to develop a range of diseases are all connected to some extent with the time of year in which you appear from the womb,” asserts Russell Foster, an Oxford University scientist. Let’s go through and find out how your birth month marks your life…

3. If you were born in January

A kid who is born in the month of January, you are born with number 1. The qualities of these kids are sovereign, logical, and a born frontrunner. You are unique and known for your imagination, resourcefulness, and skill to make things materialize. A feature on you is that people don’t doubt you as you are a charming person. Men play a greater role than females in helping others to find success in lifespan. You will be central a more traditional life than others.

4. Personality traits of people born on January

A January born kids are stubborn, ambitious and serious. They are loveable and share the love too. They cannot find any mistakes and weaknesses in people. The January born are very hardworking, productive, smart, neat and well organized. At times they use to be sensitive and has a deep thought. They know how to mollify others. Quiet unless enthusiastic or tense. Rather than aloof. The people are very much attentive too. Unaffected to illnesses but inclined to cold. Affectionate and faithful. They are dying heart fan and love children. Has countless social capacities. They splurge Money carefully and can budget efficaciously.
January born are statistically more likely to have Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s Illness and epilepsy. Experts theorized that just because of the kids are exposed to less sunlight in the womb and in the first months of their life. This could hamper development on some level and make them more vulnerable to the diseases.

5. If you were born in February
If a kid born in February number 2 influences you a lot. These people are especially empathic and psychosomatic. Relationship means a lot to you and you are the one who searches someone special. Women tend to form and mold your destiny, exclusively in the early years. You are also chosen most likely to become inter-reliant or unhappy if you do not find that distinct someone to love. Sometimes you become self-satisfied. The native of February keeps on enjoy caring for others and also be great parents.
6. Personality traits of people born on February
Most of the people who born in February are having an intellectual thought process, loves realism and abstract, they are very intelligent and cunning. The changing personality is their most interesting trait, attractively sexy they are and having good undependable, Soft, shy and modest, truthful and loyal and they have the power to fulfill and ready to determined enough to reach the goals they have set. A Person loves freeness, disobedient, when restricted and loves ferociousness. The people are too much complex and hurt easily and sometimes gets angry easy, but never show it to anyone. Their dislike for things. They love making new friends but seldom shows it. They are Brave and persistent, striving, understanding dreams and hopes. Sharp in nature and love entertainment and leisure. They are idealistic on the inside not outside. Irrational and ridiculous and Extravagant.
Babies grown up in February are likely to be artists. They are also more disposed to sleep illnesses. This is because babies born this month prefer the evening hours as a consequence of the lack of contact with sunlight in the womb in their first months. 9 to 5 job strength is not for them.

7. If you were born in March

A person born in March the number of them is 3 which is having a great influence on people. You know what is the right time and the right place for you to go can be. You are meant for fame. As you are having an impressive persona and you have an ability to make humongous money, but at times you lose it very rapidly. It may be for you to hold onto a relationship because you are disposed to being disloyal. At times you are also more disposed to habit and vices than those born in other months. You have a tendency to never grow up, but that is partly made you so lovable.

8. Personality traits of people born on March
The person who born in March they have an attractive persona, sexy and affectionate, shy and reserved too. They are secretive, naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. They are peace loving and tranquility. They are sensitive to others and love to serve to others with the whole heart. These persons are easily annoyed and dependable. They always being appreciative and get kindness in returns and they are Sharp-eyed and measures others, unforgiving and dares to dream and daydream. They love wandering. And Loves attention, quick decisions in choosing partners, loves to décor home. Musically sound you are and specially love things. At times you are Moody.

The people born who born in March are more likely to get a disease like -asthma easily. Experts believe that it is just because the mothers are underprivileged of vitamin D, which is triggered by sunlight, in the womb, hindering breathing development. The dearth of vitamin D could also hurt brain growth and these children are not as likely to do well in academics. They’re more likely to follow a strange profession, such as a performer.

9. If you were born in April

The people born in April their number are 4.You are having the tag of being stubborn, little dominant and unwary too. You are also very creative, sexy and intelligent. The February born are leaders and high ambitions they have a natural charm and that attracts other towards them. Don’t be bossy because of your bossiness push people away from your life. And your high ambitions will never stop you from achieving your goals..

10. Personality traits of people born on April
The born in February are quite vigorous and lively, quick and conclusive, they are truly demonstrative and attractive with a strong mentality. You have a devotion to love, politics and try to solve your friends’ problems. You are brave enough and lives an adventurous life with love and caring for others The April Born are Smooth and generous, Expressive. Violent, Speedy. Decent memory. Moving inspires oneself and others. The illness usually of the head and chest.
The Person who born in April is like to become alcoholic habits. The lack of sunlight in the womb is responsible, especially for those in Northern Hemispheres. If the mother doesn’t get sufficient vitamin D, many of the baby’s genes aren’t controlled in the womb. In adding to alcoholism, they’re vulnerable to the highest levels of autism, depression and Seasonal Affective Complaint.

11. If you were born in May

May born people are ruled by number 5. You have self-expression quality in you-you have a keen interest in music and wanted to be as a musician, actor or a writer. You keep high respect for expert and you believe in the holiness of marriage. You have always valued your friends above anything else and spend a lot of time mingling. You may have an overstated need for loneliness every now and then. Time spent alone in nature is very good for serving you find your equilibrium.

12. Personality traits of people born on May
May born are stubborn and hard-hearted. You have strong will power and extremely motivated. Sharp thoughts, easily infuriated. You attract others and loves attention, deep feelings and beautiful physically and mentally appearance impress all, firm Position. You don’t need any motivation. You are easily comforted, Methodical (left brain) and loves to dream. You have strong telepathy powers. Usually, in the ear and neck, you will have problems due to sickness. You are having a good imagination power and good physical appearance that will always help you. You are a lover of literature and the arts along with that you love traveling, sitting at home is not your cup of tea. Not having many children. You are hard working, high-spirited and extravagant.

The people who all are born in May they are liable to diabetes and glaucoma. Experts say that being deprived of sunlight during certain month delays with different stages of development in the womb, said by Russell Foster, a scientist at Oxford University. This kind of people has consistently lower IQs for this reason too.

13. If you were born in June

The June borns are the ruler of 6. This month people are romantic, but sometimes they jealous a lot. The person is very sensory and a whimsical lover. The love life of yours inclines to be very complex and it is easy for your sign to get too suspended upon the past. You may choose the career which is creative and a lover of the arts. Your drawback is that you are gossipmonger, although at heart you are a very kind-hearted and humanitarian. You do not like children at all, but you respect the older relatives in your family.
14. Personality traits of people born on June
You are visionary and thinks for far goals and very easy to be kind to others. You are a bunch of ideas and sensitive too, with an active mind. You are very choosy and ready to best happens to you. Unpredictable is a word for you. Funny and humorous are the biggest qualities of yours. You are a good debater, talkative and a daydreamer too. You are very friendly, easily hurt and you catch a cold very rapidly. At times you feel very bore. You are a stubborn and emotional fool. You are a soft-hearted person so you take the time to recover from any situation and you are brand conscious.
The born people have the uppermost number of Nobel Prize winners and CEO’s. Babies finally catch a break because they obtain more exposure to sunlight in the womb and after birth. But because they weren’t unprotected to sunlight in the early months of development, they are more likely to agonize from vision problems.

15. If you were born in July

Born on July, the number 7 is your numerological ruler. You are a genuine, frank, and understanding. You care intensely for your family and will go to great lengths to maintain and protect your relationships. You can be pessimistic and ironic and a bit of a loner, which can confuse those who care for you as well. People born in this birth month can be very odd, especially when it comes to the way when they dress and some because of their lifestyle habits. Many people born in July are masterminds, but they are also very subtle and disposed to despair.

16. Personality traits of people born on July

You are the company whom fun to be with. You are enigmatic, At times you are difficult to understand. Unobtrusive unless enthusiastic or tense. Yet takes pride in oneself. A Person has the status of hard work. You are honest, Concerned about people’s feelings. You are diplomatic. At times Friendly, but not always amicable. You are emotionally unpredictable. Moody and easily hurt and Witty. Not mean or ruthless. You forgive but never forgets. You don’t tolerate nonsensical and illogical things. Bit sensitive and forms friendships carefully. You are very caring and loving. You treat others equally. You Judge people through interpretations. You will never face difficulties in studying. You love to be alone. Families about the past and misses old friends. Has difficulty making new friends. Disposed to having dieting problems. Simply hurt, but takes long to recover.

People born in the month July have a more positive outlook than those born in cold months. They’re same as babies who born in the month June, more likely to be short-sighted and need eyeglasses because they didn’t receive proper acquaintance to sunlight in the womb. They are exposed to sunlight in their first months in the midsummer, so they are more likely to be happy and have a positive approach later.

17. If you were born in August

People born in the month August, your identifying number is 8. You ordained to become a pillar of the community. You are a loving, mature individual who values marriage and tries to understand the good in everyone. There is one weakness in your persona is to very easy you develop health problems and you work too hard for it. Repeatedly, you are known for your patronage, team spirit, and attitude to inspire others to be the very best that they can be in life. Money comes to you effortlessly.

18. Personality traits of people born on August
You are funny personified, attractive with polite nature and caring behavior, brave and courageous. You are a leader and knows how to console other people. Your personality is lavish and self-centered, high pride, always look for admiration and you are the strange soul. You get angry when you provoked by someone, effortlessly envious, sharp-eyed, cautious and thinks very fast about things.You have independent thoughts and loves to lead, dreamer. You have a keen interest in arts and music and wanted to serve in defense. You are subtle but not unimportant. You fall sick very easily. Studies to relax, quick and trusty, dreamy, loving and caring, And you love to make friends.

The person who are born more likely to fight in school. They are 30 % more likely than children born in September to be branded as “problem” students by teachers, according to the U.K. Institute for Fiscal Studies. They’re at a difficult because they tend to be the youngest kids in the class and have worry keeping up. They don’t prosper in school, they’re more likely to pursue an occupational career.

19. If you were born in September

The people who are born in September, the number 5 is significant to you. You are destined to play many roles in your era because you are so brainy and stretchy. You are also well organized, highly intelligent and spiritual, but tend to take adversity very personally. Your biggest weakness is becoming depressed, you need to turn off the voice of your inner detractor sometimes. A tendency to over examine circumstances can also get you into worry.

September birrthday
20. Personality traits of people born on September

You are smooth and cooperating, careful and organized, persistent, quiet, contented if have to talk to a group at times you are concerned, faithful, does work well. You are very confident, sensitive. Your thinking of others is lavish. You have a sharp memory, clever and knowledgeable. You love to look for evidence. You must control oneself while criticizing. You are able to motivate oneself, sympathetic and mysterious. You love sports and leisure. You control your emotions. You tend to bottle up feelings, you are very choosy, especially in relations.
You are the highest school high fliers tend to be born in September because they’re the oldest in their classes. Rendering to the same Institute for Fiscal Studies report, they are the most likely to go to college and follow a professional career. They’re at an unfair difficulty because they’re the oldest in the class as children and master new ideas more effortlessly.

21. If you were born in October

If you were born in October then the number of yours is 10, which is a higher pulsation of 1, it will be significant. You are obviously very lucky. When you decide on a goal, you always meet on it. The downside of your personality is that you can be very confrontational when crossed and you also have a huge capacity for payback and dishonesty. If you can deal with your inner wizards, you can prosper beyond your harshest dreams in life. You have potential to be a renowned leader in your arena.
22. Personality traits of people born on October
Here are the traits of October born you love to chat with people. You love them who loves you. And you have centered persona. You have inner and outer beauty both, sexy and you get angry frequently. You are a friend , lover and good to make new connections. If someone hurts you-you hurts but you recovers very speedily from there too. Daydreamer is a word for you, loyal you are. You don’t care that what is others opinion for you, expressive and critical, strong divining. You are a travel lover and an art lover too. You are too sensitive and effortlessly jealous. Honest, does not make-believe in you. You are very anxious, loves to be on outdoors. You are reckless, easily influenced. You easily lose poise and you have loved children.

People born in October live a long life. They live a regular of 160 days longer than those born in the spring, according to an exhibition at the UK’s Cheltenham Science Festival. This is just because you received the best amount of sunlight during pregnancy and early growth.

23. If you were born in November

If you were born in November, your number 11, which is a sophisticated vibration of 2, will be of great importance to you. You are intellectual, empathic, and optimistic. Sometimes you get speechless by your own compassion and develop stress-related health and psychological problems, such as long-lasting exhaustion and sadness. You are an example for others and make a great teacher.
24. Personality traits of people born on November

This month born people have a lot of ideas, problematic to plumb. You always think forward. You are exclusive and brilliant, extraordinary ideas, sharp thinker with good and strong telepathy. This month people can become good doctors. Your personality is dynamic, private, snooping. You know how to dig secrets of others and always thinks of others. You are less talkative but friendly, courageous and generous.Enduring, stubborn and hard-hearted. You believe in a quote “If there is a will, there is a way”. You are determined and having a thought in mind never give up. You barely become angry unless provoked. Love to be alone. Thinks contrarily from others, sharp-minded. Self-motivated. you do not appreciate admirations, high-spirited, well-built and tough, deep love and emotions you are. Romantic, ambiguous in relationships. You are homely, hard working with high abilities. You are trustworthy and honest and keeps secrets of others and yours too. You are uncontrolled about your emotions.

People born in November are known as pessimists. Experts say that in a 2005 Swedish study theorized this is because they’re destitute of dopamine, the “pleased chemical” that’s also unconfined with exposure to sunlight, after birth. The study plotted 30,000 people on how “lucky” they felt, and November babies hierarchical the lowest.

25. If you were born in December

The people who are born in December have a strong attraction to the number 12 which totals as 3. You are an applied truth-seeker who ideals a steady lifestyle. You are remarkably lucky for prosperity and love you find all these things easily. You are having an active social life, occasionally you ignore your tasks. You are a risk taker too. The key to success for people born in December is to understand that they are not memorable.

personality traits
December personality traits

26. Personality traits of people born on December
You are faithful and lavish, sexy and nationalistic. You are energetic in games and communications, intolerant and speedy, highly determined and significant in organizations. People enjoy your company and you love to meet people. You are an applauses gainer, and attention seeker and feels good one someone loves you. You are honest and reliable. You have a short temperament and you never pretend anything. Altering personality is your trait, none narcissistic. You take high arrogance in oneself. Usually, you hate boundaries.
The people who born in December are mostly and easily get health issues like asthma or allergies. Just because you born during the peak cold and flu season, according to the American Journal of breathing and dangerous caution Medicine. Receiving a winter infection in the first four months of life could reason enduring harm, they said. The lack of sunlight in the first months makes December babies more likely to agonize from bipolar illness.

  1. I want to know about my birthdate numerological remedies. My day no is 3 & my life no is 2. Please tell me proper remedies for me. My date of birth is 21/06/1991.

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