Duryodhana tried to commit suicide the great untold story from mahabharata

There are numerous folk tales stated in Mahabharata that are so complex, and that have neither been described in any TV show, nor known by many people who known this great epic. Here, we bring you one such instance in front of you which is shockable. Duryodhan was the eldest son of the incumbent king Dhritarashtra and utmost main reasons Kurukshetra. But only a few knows the fact of why Duryodhana tried to commit suicide.

A long ago, before the Mahabharat war took place, The Pandavas were incarnate in exile. During that period of time suddenly   Duryodhan got to know about this incident, he definite to place an amenity camp for himself and his acquaintances to tease the Pandavas. Everyone said yes to the plane of amenity camp. But a  problem popped up – Gandharvas (demi-gods) were already putting up near that place with Apsaras. A King of Gandharvas, called Chitrasen was using the river close to himself.

 But Duryodhana asked his army to interrupt their camp anyway. Gandharvas had fought with the Pandavas.

A battle took place wherein Chitrasen used an arrow that produced disorder in the Kaurava’s army. Duryodhana, despite being a strong combatant, was seized by Chitrasen. Most of his army was beaten up, and those who escaped met Pandavas on their way back and told them about Duryodhana’s imprisonment by the Gandharvas.

As  Yudhishthir got to know about this, he asked his brothers to protect their cousin.

The reason that a battle took place between Pandavas and Gandharvas. Scriptures called it one of the fanciest combats of Mahabharata in which both the sides used numberless weapons to counter each other’s attack. Karan could not be able to do much help to Duryodhana.  Amongst them the main aggressive was Arjun.

Ultimately, the Gandharvas expended by the scorching weapons of Kunti’s son and began to suffer deeply. Duryodhana

At the end, due to Arjun’s heroism, Duryodhana was sheltered and was set free. This incident made Duryodhana humiliated that is why he was ashamed that he definite to end his life. The reason that he gave up eating and drinking anything. His determination was so strong that nobody could persuade him to change his suicidal plan.

Asuras, who were incarnate in patalok came to know about Duryodhana’s plan, they systematized a grand Yagya to change his thinking. This Yagya ultimately worked, and Duryodhana was persuaded to endure hostile against the Pandavas.

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