Facts behind celebrating ‘the Kumbh Mela’

Lets travel to the history of Kumbh Mela It is said that while Durvasa Muni was traveling on the road, he saw Bhagwan Indra on the back of his elephant. He was excited to offer Indra the garland which he was wearing around his neck. Indra was in his pride he took the garland but without showing respect towards Durvasa Muni, he lightly placed it on the trunk kept on the carrier of his elephant.

An elephant is an animal, unknown to all the humanely manners. He could not understand the meaning and worth of the garland, as a result of the elephant it threw off. The garland felt down in between its foot and was crushed due to its heavy weight. Durvasa Muni felt too low at seeing this insult. Being hurt deeply by his action he at once cursed Indra to become poor and to face the lack of luxuries in life.

The semi-gods(Half human and half God) troubled him on one side by the fighting evil spirits. While on the other side he was struck by the curse of Durvasa Muni. Finally, he lost all the comforts and happiness he had in the all three worlds. Seeing their misfortune filled lives in a Lord Indra and Varuna including other demigods sat together. They thought for a solution discussing their problems, yet they could not find any answer. Then all the demigods decided to go at the peak of Mountain of ‘Sumeru’. There in the gathering of Lord Brahma, they went on their knees to offer Lord Brahma all the respect and duty. Later they told him everything about all the events that took place with them.

Durvasa MuniKumbh Mela and Durvasa Muni

On knowing that the demigods were left with nothing in those three worlds. And they were empty of all the strength and happiness they deserved. Lord Brahma, who is above all the Gods and has authority and control over everything. Focused his mind on the great Personality of Godhead. Getting an aid to their problem, his face lit-up and he started speaking to the three of them as follows. Lord Brahma said: “I, Lord Siva, all of you the semigods, the devils and devils, the breathing creatures are born from sweat.

The living objects born from an egg, the trees and plants germinate from the soil of the Earth, and the living beings born from embryos—everything comes from the Supreme Lord and from his different avatars of rajo-guna (Lord Brahma, the guna-avatar )and from the great rishis(sages) who are part of me as well. Therefore let us go to the Supreme God and take the shade of His lotus feet.

Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Shiva help to Gods and Demons

Apart from praising and praying that Supreme Godhead. There is none who could die and none who could be saved. No one out of any, who would be unconsidered and no one who could to be respected. All this is for the safety of the creation, its making and destruction according to time. He changed different forms called as avatars. Which are either to spread goodness, passion, and awareness.

After Lord Brahma completed the conversation with the demigods, he took them to the house of the Supreme Godhead. His place was huge and unimaginable when compared to this false world. The Lord’s house is known to be on an island called ‘Svetadvipa’, which is located in an ocean of milk.

Satya, Treta, and Dvapara

The Supreme Godhead knows everything, including the mind, intelligence, living & dead, each of them work under His orders. He is the one to permit it and has no ignorance regarding happening of anything. Has no structure and is free from the reactions of activities. He is free from the sense of partiality and money-termed knowledge. I, therefore, take the roof of the lotus feet of the Supreme God, who is evergreen and undying. Who is greater than the sky and who comes with six fortunes in three yugas(Satya, Treta, and Dvapara).

On receiving prayers from Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma, the Supreme Godhead, Lord Vishnu was pleased. He accepted their calling. And gave the needful instructions to all the demigods who came to him. The Supreme Personality of Godhead referred as Ajita(The unbeatable), told the demigods to ask for peace and calmness from the evils. So that after making a decision, the gods and the devils could blend the ocean of milk. The rope for it would be the biggest of the sea-snakes(serpent).

Serpent is known as Vasuki

Samudra Manthan


That huge serpent is known as Vasuki. There would be a rod which would mix the ocean of milk and it would be Mandara Mountain. A deadly liquid called poison would also be produced from the mixing the ocean. The poison would not affect anyone, in turn, Lord Siva would take it so none should fear it. A number of charming things would come out during mixing. Lord Shiva in the starting warned the demigods not to be carried away by the charm of such things. He also mentioned that they should not get angry if any mishappening occurs. After carefully guiding the Gods in the above ways, the Lord went away from the place where the scene was to take place.

Appearance of Amrita

One of the valuable items was to come out from the mixing the ocean. That important thing was nectar or Amrit. This Amrita was which would give power and strength to battling Gods. It went on for a total of twelve days including twelve nights which equaled the twelve human years. The gods and devils fought in the sky for getting off this pot full of Amrita. During that battle, some of the drops from this nectar fell at Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain and Nashik.

So on this Earth, a festival is celebrated to get the pure credits and come across the aim of life. That aim is going back to the Godhead. That place which is our final home. There our father, our creator is waiting for us and one day we all shall leave our bodies and go. This is an honor we get after joining ourselves with saints or holy man who follow the spiritual texts.

Kumbh Mela provides us with this great chance of fortune and ones Kismat to cleanse our souls. The body is purified too by bathing in holy waters of the river. And a healthy living can be reached by helping and serving the saints.


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