Cunning Ganesha and Narada’s mango the story encrypt in Indian Mythology

 Ganesha, Kartikeya and Narada’s terms

Ganesha who is known as removers of hurdles (Vighnaharta). One day Lord Narada brought a mango to Lord Shiva and Parvati and their two sons were also present there. He gave that mango to Devi Parvati and said that this mango is special and requested her that, you have to accept it.  Devi Parvati planned to allot the mango in between her two sons, Ganesha and Kartikeya equally, but in between the wise man Narada interfered and gave a thought that doesn’t distribute the fruit into two only one person can have it. Then wise man Narada recommended that let’s have a competition between the two brothers, and he specifies that whosoever would be the winner of the contest will be awarded the fruit (mango). As Kartikeya wanted to win this competition, he at the spot enquired about the competition. After much thinking, Narada suggested that – ‘The person who will go around the world three times and come back will be first to win this mango’. Intelligently both brothers agreed to the situation and put out by Narada.

Kartikeya Intelligence

After hearing all this, Kartikeya sat on to the peacock and went to revolve around the world.Same as a term of Narad Ganesha was also going for the competition but Ganesha did not have any vehicle like Kartikeya had the peacock. If he has, he would also ride on that so he thought for a while. After a moment he revolves around Shiva and Parvathi three times and asked for his claim for the prize. Ganesha stated that ‘My loving and respectful parents are my worlds.  So I have won the competition.

Ganesha’s Intelligence

Lord Ganesha is always considered as brainy, he said that my father, Lord Shiva and mother Parvati are the first couples who created the whole universe. So I took the three revolves around them only, it was equivalent to circling the whole world three times. That is why I am claiming my prize and started having the mango. In the mid of that sudden Kartikeya came back, circling the earth three times, he saw that cunning Ganesha eating the mango.In is also written in Indian mythology that whenever anyone wanted to start a new work we have to worship or remember Lord Ganesha.

Lesson for Kartikeya & Narad

Seeing all that Kartikeya had learned that his elder brother had got the fruit by his intelligence instead of running around without thinking, result that he accepted his defeat. On the other hand, Ganesha had won the contest his  virtue of using his superior brainpower and Kartikeya had to accept his defeat.


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