Get Ready for a Ride on Time Machine: These Incidents Prove Time Travel Existed in Ancient Times.

Once we use to see in movies that time machine were there and it is always mesmerizing to talk about. Movies like ‘The Butterfly Effect’, ‘Star Trek’ etc. But always a question pops up in the  head that is it a real thing how can one go back to time? It always be a matter of discussions many of scientists investigated whether it could be possible or not. Many of the scholars even studied whether it could one day be made a realism.

The scholar Albert Einstein concluded that the past, present and future all exist instantaneously, and most are acquainted with his well-known concept of contingency.

If you look into older texts one can investigate and explore that amount of time people travelled in their past. At times it is very rare to believe some people in ancient time travelled their life. Some amazing stories of antique India and in other parts of the world talk about people who had time toured.

Through this piece of writing, we will disclose that who was these people and how did they accomplish to time travel without any expertise…

Time Travel in Ancient India

As in our Hindu mythos, a king named Raivata Kakudmi meet our universe creator Brahma through time travel. In Raivata story, when he returned to Earth,108 yugas had already passed on earth. Although the trip was not long lasting. A yuga represents around 4 million years. The description Brahma provided to Raivata is that time runs contrarily in different planes of existence.

The cave of 7 sleepers

Christians and the Roman are the states  who  were in a dispute for time travelling. It a story of 7  young people who hid their self and  fall for a sleep in a cave. In the mid of sleep they went to feed oneself and went out from the cave. When they came out they were in great surprise that , they found there was no fight and that Christianity had blowout to every corner of the Roman Empire.

And then they got to know that they had not slept for a night but for 200 years. Then these  7 seven men died naturally and were buried in the cave in which they had slept.

The cave you can witness at the eastern slope Panayirdag hill in Turkey.

References in the Quran

This story tells up a fact that there is about a group of Christians, who is in 250 AD this group is tired of the harassment and retreated, under God’s guidance, to a cave where God put them to sleep. They woke up 309 years later.

Time Travel in Japan

Here is a mesmerizing story of time travel that comes from Japan. A very young fisherman Urashima Taro Taro visits the god of the sea in an underwater palace. He thought getting an impression that he has only been there for three days, when he returned back to his fishing village, he finds that 300 years have passed.

Whatever he knew it was happening 300 years before. Even his family, friends and his way of life- everything had altered in what seem to be only a few days for him.

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