Karna’s past life and reason for his Misfortune

Why Karna Suffered

The people who follow Indian mythology always think that why the great Karna of Mahabharata had a such a tragic life as he is a such a good mortal being. Everyone knows that a happening in Indian Mythology has some hidden reason behind it, This time also, we will share with you his story and sorrows.

The boon of Dambodhav

 In the early stage of Mahabharata there was a devil (asura) called as Dambhobdhav, he wants to be as powerful as the other Gods so he pleaded to God Sun (Surya). God Sun got delighted with his plea and granted that boon to him. Dambhobdhav said to Surya make me immortal, Surya replied that it is impossible to make someone immortal, so I can’t give you that.Then he asked to give him thousand armour (Kavach). Dambhodbhav also asked that these armours could be broken by the person who perform reparation for a thousand years. This is not it, he asked for that, whosoever break the armor should die instantly.

Karna the Son of Surya

God Sun gave him all the things he asked for with knowing this, that he will never use these powers in good deed. 

He becomes reckless

Straight away after getting that benefit, Dambhodbhav started generating chaos on people and in their lives .Almost all of the people got frightened of him and started calling him Sahasrakavacha (one who has more than thousand armour).

Dambodhav was killed by Lord Vishnu

In the meantime, A King called Daksha (father of Sati) got one of his daughter Murti married to Dharma, The son of Brahma. Murti knew about Dambhodbhav and desired to put an end to his risk. So she pleaded to Lord Vishnu for assistance. Vishnu delighted with her keen devotion and appeared before her and decided to destroy Sahasrakavacha (Dambhodbhav)

Avatar of Nara and Narayana

The Daughter of Daksha gave birth to two twins called Narayana and Nara. The twins were very noble. Both of them are a courageous and great combatant. They definite to kill Sahasrakavacha. One by one both the twins went to fight firstly Nara went to fight and Narayana went for reparation. Completing one thousand years, Nara broke his first armour, but lost his life. Secondly Narayana also finished his reparation and got Mrityunjaya Mantra (It is a mantra to bring back dead to life) and he carried his brother back to life.

Nara and Narayana

The fight begins

Then sudden (Dambhodbhav) Sahasrakavacha got to know that Narayana and Nara are two individuals with one soul. The reparation done by one brother gives the other one  with more power. After the thousand years, Nara, retired and went to forest to perform reparation though Narayana started the fight.

The fight went on like this. One brother made reparation for a thousand years while another one struggled with Sahasrakavacha. As one broke his armour, the person fighting with him fell dead and was carried back to life by the other one.


Dambodbhava takes shelter

Once (Dambhodbhav)  Sahasrakavacha lost his 999 armour while fighting with the twins. He felt defeated and ran away. He definite to take shelter with his father Surya.

The twice brothers went to Surya and asked for (Dambhodbhav)  Sahasrakavacha. Then Surya explained them that Dambhodbhav is his great devotee and has adored him with great devotion and I gave him this boon.

After hearing this Nara got angry and cursed Surya that he will be born as human and agonize for this. Surya bent his head, he knew that he should not shelter a devil, but he was keen to pay the price for his follower.

Dambodhava reborn as Karna

This episode happened at the end of Treta yuga. In the next yuga (Dwapara yuga), Surya and Dambhodbhav both were born as Karna. Karna was born with his armour (kavach), the one gone with Sahasrakavacha.

Karna born with Kavach and Kundal

End of Karna by Shri Krishna and Arjuna

To achieve the assurance to kill and defeat Sahasrakavacha, Narayana and Nara took birth as Krishna and Arjun. Arjun would have died if Karna had the kavach so, Indra went to him in the mask and got the kavach much before the Mahabharata conflict begin.
As Karna was a devil in his previous life so he had a very problematic life to pay for all the sins he committed in his earlier life. But Karna have a part of the Surya within him so he was a conqueror as well. He was the most influential, boldest and catastrophic fighter in Mahabharata.

Karna killed by Arjuna with weapon anjalika


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