Lord Rama 7 unknown facts will blow your mind

Lord Rama is one of the living forms of Lord Vishnu. His manifestation was to end the life of Ravana, He had an advantage that no one can kill him. This manifestation of Lord Vishnu was in human form as Ravana did not have a conflict against humans and monkeys and Lord Hanuman ji appropriately aided Lord Rama.

  1. Lord Ram & Sita
    Lord Ram, Laxman & Sita

    According to a certain faith, Rama Avatar is not measured to be a purna avatar. His avatar was having 14 kalas and the only Shri Krishna avatar has all 16 kalas. This was done on purpose because Ravana had a boon and he was not immune against humans. If Rama avatar had been the purna avatar, he would not categorize as a human. He is also named as Purna Purusha. The two missing kalas were Paripurna & Swarupavasthitha. This all saga clarifies that why he had to take help from monkeys and he cried as a normal human when Sita was kidnapped.

  2. Lord Rama recognized the insight of Ravana. Whereas Ravana was dying, Lord Ram asked Laxmana to go up to him to learn all that Ravana had to offer. At his request, Ravana reduced a speech in politics and dharma to Laxmana.

  3. According to Lord Vishnu Sahastranama, a list of the thousand names of Lord Vishnu, It is also known that Rama is the 394th name of Lord Vishnu.
  1. This is a fact which all of you don’t know and will be a true eye opener for you. Lord Rama also was also having an elder sister named, Shanta, daughter of Dasharatha and Kaushalya.
  2. Ayodhya was administrated by Lord Rama for eleven thousand years. This golden period was declared as the holy name “Ram Rajya”.
  3. Lord Ram planned to use Brahma Astra a couple of times. Once, on Jayanta and secondly on Sagara, the god of the sea.
  4. He always admired his devotees (bhaktas). Once during the making of the bridge towards Lanka, The Lord Hanumanji was lifting a huge mountain tops into the sea to build the bridge to the  Lanka. He saw a tiny spider clearing small elements of dust into the water with little legs to its, assist Lord Rama. He was about to brush the spider out of the way of his own serious work, when Ramachandra cautioned him, saying, “Give up your pride! This spider’s devotional service is just as substantial to me as yours.  A thing Lord Rama said to Lord Hanuman that as You are serving me according to your size, and this tiny spider is serving me according to its, capacity.

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