Lord Shiv and story of his third son Ayyappa

Nilakaṇtha is also a name of the creator of the whole universe that is Lord Shiva . Which literally means the blue-throated while the Samudra Manthan. Once Goddess Parvati got to know that Lord Shiva had swallowed poison, she hurried to hold his neck, so that the dangerous poison would not affect him and travel through neck downwards. Resulted that his neck became a rich blue.

Neelkanth is other name for Lord Shiva

Materialistic happiness never stays for long|.Lord Shiva

Ayyappa was born due to Shiva’s attraction to Mohini

In the holy and ancient   Bhagavata Purana, after Vishnu misled the demons in his female form, Shiva wanted to see the puzzling Mohini again in front of him. When Vishnu again formed a form of Mohini again, Shiva got attracted towards Mohini, while the uncontrolled wife Parvati looked at. Shiva is stunned by Kama (love and desire). While grabbing Mohini his ‘unfailing’ seed fled and fell on the ground.   The result of that seeds of Shiva, Ayyappa was born.

Mohini & Lord Shiva

The story of Shiva Lingam

There are some forms conferring to the Puranas of why Shiva is adored as a lingam and how this occurred, of which we will relate one. A great sacrificial ritual going to take place many hundreds of years before. The great learned Narada Muni was invited to it and asked who would obtain the properties of the sacrifice. No one could respond, so the sages who were present asked him who should receive it. Narada said that Sri Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva were all suitable, but they would have to find out which one had the most endurance and limpidness to be the receiver of the sacrifice. So he picked the great sage Brighu to acquire the answer.

Brighu  who has numerous mystical powers and was able to travel to the area of the demigods. So first he went to see Lord Brahma, but Brahma was engrossed and did not notice Brighu’s existence. Feeling outraged, Brighu cursed Brahma, “You are so proud of your power of creation, you did not notice my arrival even you have not acknowledged me. For this, you shall have no temples on earth.” The result of that there is very few temples of Brahma on earth. Next, Brighu went to see Shiva in Kailash, but Shiva also did not notice Brighu’s arrival. Brighu again felt insulted and cursed Shiva to be worshiped only as a lingam avatar on earth. That is why the reason why Lord Shiva is primarily signified and worshiped as a lingam on this earth.

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